Article #29967: Unable to install C++Builder 6 Update 4


I am having difficulty installing update 4 for C++Buidler 6. What is the problem?


The most common error message encountered reads:

Setup is not able to determine the product edition that was installed. It does not appear that the update you are trying to apply matches the edition that is installed. Product edition information in the registry or bianry files may also be corrupt. If you are sure that this update is correct for the edition you have installed, you may need to re-install your product.
If you are running Windows ME, then this error message is impossible to avoid. Some incompatability inherant in Windows ME that prevents the installer from applying the patch. Since Windows ME is not a supported platform for C++Builder 6, the only options WinME users have are to either change their operating system to a supported one (Win98, Win2000, and WinXP), or run C++Builder6 without Update 4.

Last Modified: 22-APR-03