TRxDBRichEdit Component


A TRxDBRichEdit object is a multiline edit control that can display and edit a rich text memo field in a dataset.
Use a TRxDBRichEdit object to enable users to edit a database field in a rich text edit control. TRxDBRichEdit provides the properties and methods to enter and work with rich text. TRxRichEdit and TRxDBRichEdit controls do not provide any user interface components to make these formatting options available to the user. Applications must implement the user interface components to surface the rich text capabilities of a TRxDBRichEdit object.

TRxDBRichEdit uses the Text property to represent the contents of the field.
If the database field does not include text formatting information, consider using a TDBMemo object or a TDBEdit object instead. If the application doesn’t require the data-aware capabilities of TRxDBRichEdit, use a rich text edit control (TRxRichEdit or TRichEdit) instead, to conserve system resources.