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Article #16604: Printing from EasyWin

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FAQ1604C.txt Printing from EasyWin
Category :IDE
Platform :All
Product :BC++ 5.x
Whenever I try to print my EasyWin program's output,
I get a _______(insert problem here, ie: it's doesn't work,
it GPF's, etc, etc, etc)
Try the following steps:
1)before running your program, open a NEW TEXT EDIT WINDOW
(File | New | Text Edit)
2) Run your EasyWin program
3) On the menu that you can print from, choose Edit |Select all
4) On the same menu, choose Edit | Copy
5) Move over to the new window that you opened in step 1, and
make sure that it is highlighted by clicking inside the window.
6) Choose Edit |Paste from the Menu in the Borland C++ IDE.
7) You should now see the output text in the new text window you
opened in step 1.
8) Choose File |Print on the text edit window that you just
copied the output into.
This should print your output.
7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99