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C++ Frequently Asked Questions

10299: How do I change the default save directory in Builder?   01-OCT-99
10302: The -xv Switch  07-MAR-00
10303: MDI Form with an Image  01-OCT-99
10304: Project works in Debug version but not in Release version.   01-OCT-99
10305: CBuilder4 patch broke MIDAS  01-OCT-99
10306: Unidirectional property not supported for all Databases  01-OCT-99
10307: BDE Error 000F  01-OCT-99
10308: Help | About for BDE Admin version 5.1 says version 5.1  01-OCT-99
10309: Blobs are not supported as params for a Stored Proc  01-OCT-99
10310: How do I make a TQuery not use memory as scrolls forward  01-OCT-99
10312: Opening TQuery results in Operation Not Applicable Error  01-OCT-99
10314: Oracle 8.0.5 client is not supported  01-OCT-99
10315: Procedures and Functions in Oracle Packages not listed  01-OCT-99
10317: Different types of dBASE Unique style indexes  01-OCT-99
10318: Table is Full with Paradox Tables  01-OCT-99
10319: TIBQuery.RecordCount doesn't return count of all records  01-OCT-99
10320: Use GetResults to get output params from MSSQL and Sybase  01-OCT-99
10347: Programmatically Changing the IDAPI.cfg  05-OCT-99
10348: Using TRegisty::SaveKey and TRegistry::LoadKey  05-OCT-99
10350: Executing Oracle functions  14-OCT-99
10357: How to query dates using Day-Month-Year using local SQL  06-OCT-99
10385: Non-blob column in table required to perform operation with Oracle  14-OCT-99
10401: RTL time() function result varies greatly between 16-bit and 32-bit applications.  11-OCT-99
10402: Access violation when viewing Access97 data using the BDE.  11-OCT-99
10407: How do I generate executables that don't require .dll files?  12-OCT-99
10414: Why am I spontaneously getting "type mismatch in redeclaration of..." errors in the Windows header files?  13-OCT-99
10434: "Operator 'operator' not implemented in type 'type' for arguments of the same type" error and STL maps.  15-OCT-99
10460: How do I avoid problems when installing Turbo C++ 4.5?  19-OCT-99
10477: Installing Borland C++ 5.02 from the C++ Builder 4 Companion Tools CD.  21-OCT-99
10479: Builder Installation Fails After Asking for 'original product cd'.  21-OCT-99
10525: Problems with Y2K update for Borland C++ 5.X  27-OCT-99
10536: Where can I find documentation on the Wininet API?  28-OCT-99
10537: What Ftp functionality is availible from the Wininet API?  28-OCT-99
10538: How do I create an array of TStringList?  28-OCT-99
10539: Web Browser Not Found  28-OCT-99
10545: Installing Turbo C++ 3.0 from the Turbo Suite CD   29-OCT-99
10577: Why doesn't the debugger work in Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS?  03-NOV-99
15002: 'General SQL Error -2147221164 Table: Alias:<Alias Name>'  15-JUL-98
15003: Browse for Folder/Directory   02-JUL-98
15012: 'Syntax error in query. Incomplete query clause'   15-JUL-98
15013: Openhelp utility won't work   02-JUL-98
15021: 'Can't delete or change record. Since related record exists in table ='xxx'  15-JUL-98
15022: Cached precompiled Headers in makefiles   02-JUL-98
15030: Alternate security databases  15-JUL-98
15031: Why does my TAutoObject method crash ?  02-JUL-98
15039: Other non-BDE file needed to access Microsoft Access databases  15-JUL-98
15040: Windows System colors the easy way.  02-JUL-98
15048: MSACCESS driver and multi-threaded apps  15-JUL-98
15049: What are '*.#00' files?  02-JUL-98
15057: Current MSACCESS driver limitations  15-JUL-98
15058: Disabling the CBuilder splash screen  02-JUL-98
15066: BLObs as SQL input parameters  15-JUL-98
15067: 'Could not find precompiled type obj file foo.#00'  02-JUL-98
15075: files that need to be included with applications using MSACCESS  15-JUL-98
15076: Samples Component   18-MAY-98
15084: 'Cannot Load IDAPI Service Library' error  15-JUL-98
15085: Accessing InterBase thru an AT service   02-JUL-98
15093: 'Translate error, value out of bounds' error  15-JUL-98
15094: How to manipulate a TDateTime object   02-JUL-98
15102: Paradox slow on some computers and not on others  28-JUL-99
15103: Using Date as a Field Name  02-JUL-98
15111: Paradox table version level  15-JUL-98
15112: Error: Invalid component library at startup   02-JUL-98
15120: BDEAdmin:Invalid Filename for Oracle Server Name  05-OCT-99
15121: Problems with creating new VCL components  02-JUL-98
15130: Registering In-process (.DLL) OLE Servers  02-JUL-98
15138: BDE network installation  26-MAR-99
15139: Turbo Grep 5.0   02-JUL-98
15147: BDE configuration utility  24-APR-98
15148: Disable toolbar buttons with Command Enablers  02-JUL-98
15156: FoxPro support: capabilities  15-JUL-98
15165: Microsoft Access; capabilities  15-JUL-98
15166: How to Rotate Fonts  02-JUL-98
15174: SQL Parameter binding  24-APR-98
15175: Where is MFC.TXT  02-JUL-98
15183: New functions  15-JUL-98
15184: Unable to load MAPI.DLL from an AppExpert  02-JUL-98
15192: ODBC Support  15-JUL-98
15193: Printing out Ide Files in BC5  18-MAY-98
15201: How to redirect STDOUT/STDIN  02-JUL-98
15210: 'Cannot locate WINSTUB.EXE'  13-MAY-98
15218: MS SQL error '17824 Unable to write to ListenOn connection ...  06-OCT-99
15219: Sams Tech Support  13-MAY-98
15227: Performance with two or more queries  06-OCT-99
15228: Could not obtain BOLEClassMgr  13-MAY-98
15236: 'Memo too large' error with MSSQL  06-OCT-99
15237: Filter for TDataSet in C++Builder  02-JUL-98
15245: Using the Filter for a TDataSet in C++Builder  02-JUL-98
15253: 'Vendor initialization failure: ORANT71.DLL' error.  15-JUL-98
15254: Setting the size of font in a VBX control  02-JUL-98
15262: 'External Exception C0000008' or 'Access Violation'  15-JUL-98
15263: Java add-on for CD ROM resident BC5   02-JUL-98
15271: error: SYB-12403 ctsend(): user api layer: external error  06-OCT-99
15272: TC45 Appexpert on Win95  13-MAY-98
15280: 'ct_cursor(CLOSE); user api layer: external error  06-OCT-99
15289: 'External Exception C0000008' error on application exit  06-OCT-99
15290: Simple Programs and TargetExpert  02-JUL-98
15298: Limit of characters for a TEditFile part II  02-JUL-98
15305: Hetergenious joins  15-JUL-98
15306: BCB option for ' in memory EXE' always disabled  02-JUL-98
15313: File Extensions for dBASE and Paradox tables  05-OCT-99
15314: Changing window styles at runtime using OWL  02-JUL-98
15321: Unsupported Expression Indexes  15-MAY-98
15322: Debugging large 16bit apps  02-JUL-98
15329: 'Insufficient memory for this operation' error  15-JUL-98
15330: Changing the image associated with a node in a TTreeView  02-JUL-98
15337: Sybase SQL Anywhere update mode  13-JUL-99
15338: Command line calls to BRCC in BC5  02-JUL-98
15344: Error connecting to an Oracle 7.x server using the Oracle 8 client and BDE 5.  01-SEP-99
15345: Changing from 5.25' to 3.5' media for install.  02-JUL-98
15351: ALTER TABLE statment on Paradox tables removes passwords  15-JUL-98
15352: WS_EX_RTLREADING and CreateWindowEx  02-JUL-98
15359: 'Interface mismatch. Engine version different'  15-JUL-98
15360: Running BC5 on NT4 with nonstandard WINNT dir name  02-JUL-98
15366: Access violation when calling a non-delphi VCL created DLL  15-JUL-98
15367: Implementing tools into the IDE  02-JUL-98
15372: 'Insufficient memory to complete operation' error  06-OCT-99
15373: Checksum error on installation  02-JUL-98
15379: Access to PDOXUSRS.NET slow with Novell client  05-OCT-99
15380: How do I center a form on its parent?  02-JUL-98
15387: 'Invalid BLOb handle' error  05-OCT-99
15388: Pseudo-code to show use of realloc and farrealloc  02-JUL-98
15400: Adding BWCC Icons  02-JUL-98
15407: Operator Overloading  02-JUL-98
15413: Getting an application handle in a BCB app  02-JUL-98
15419: Error -51   02-JUL-98
15425: Stack Overflow Error  02-JUL-98
15431: Enabling the apply button in a property sheet  02-JUL-98
15437: 'Could Not Create Process' Error  02-JUL-98
15443: Reading the autoincrement value of Paradox table  05-OCT-99
15444: Linker out of memory while transfering on the IDE  02-JUL-98
15450: The ordinal 237 could not be located ..  05-OCT-99
15451: How to control the editor window size.  02-JUL-98
15457: Problem using Oracle 8 driver(sqlora8.dll) with Oracle 7.x servers  18-AUG-98
15458: Turning off RTTI in one DLL and not the other  02-JUL-98
15464: How much does MTS improve connect times?  18-AUG-98
15465: Flushing DOS buffers  02-JUL-98
15471: Phanton records appear on post  05-OCT-99
15472: Help File Index Does Not Show  18-MAY-98
15478: No module definition file message in EasyWin  02-JUL-98
15484: Vendor Init with Oracle   18-AUG-98
15485: 256 Color Bitmaps in WIN 16 API  02-JUL-98
15491: Using huge pointers and GlobalAlloc()  02-JUL-98
15497: General SQL Error, Can't load MSJTER32.DLL  05-OCT-99
15498: Playing a WAV from a resource.  02-JUL-98
15503: Winsock and 16-bit applications  02-JUL-98
15508: 'No Type Value' while examining global variable  02-JUL-98
15513: Linking to static or other .libs in a component  02-JUL-98
15518: IndexOf() in C++Builder  02-JUL-98
15523: When does the design-time property get set?  02-JUL-98
15528: BGI16 spawning BGI16 spawning ....  02-JUL-98
15533: Showing a splash screen at startup  02-JUL-98
15538: Order of event handlers at form creation  02-JUL-98
15543: Farrealloc to grow a block of memory for new _huge  02-JUL-98
15548: redirect stdin to accept small file in Easywin  07-MAY-98
15553: Can't find Header Files  13-MAY-98
15558: Building default linker files on BCB  02-JUL-98
15563: Bad object file record in...  02-JUL-98
15568: Delay() resolution inconsistencies  02-JUL-98
15573: Context Sensitive Help and BCBJUMP.HLP  18-MAY-98
15579: Floating Point overflow error in Windows 95  02-JUL-98
15584: Dummy version of OwlMain  02-JUL-98
15590: How do I catch user defined messages in BCB?  02-JUL-98
15596: Interface class lpVtbl is not a member of  02-JUL-98
15602: Assign(OnEvent?)  02-JUL-98
15608: BDE Version problems  02-JUL-98
15614: Fixing the BCBVCL Find Tab  02-JUL-98
15620: Undefined symbols migrating from bc45 to bc5  18-MAY-98
15626: CDROM only install needs cd in drive on startup  02-JUL-98
15632: Myterious closing DOS boxes.  02-JUL-98
15638: FileOpen dialog, multiple file selection, BC++ 5.0  02-JUL-98
15644: How to reallocate blocks larger than 64K?  02-JUL-98
15650: Print dilaog with default landscape orientation  02-JUL-98
15656: sending messages with HINSTANCE to other window  02-JUL-98
15662: Possible causes for insufficient memory  02-JUL-98
15668: sending output to do different streams  07-MAY-98
15674: C++Builder ActiveX OCX contact information  02-JUL-98
15680: InstallShield error code112; addon components BC5.01  02-JUL-98
15686: CodeGuard doesn't like TFile  02-JUL-98
15692: How do I use TRACE in BCB?  02-JUL-98
15698: argv argc in WIN16  02-JUL-98
15704: TASM install on top of BC 5  02-JUL-98
15710: How to delete ODBC drivers  02-JUL-98
15716: My install fails with error -51.  02-JUL-98
15722: Why does my screen get scrambled when I run Tdw?  02-JUL-98
15728: Error 'ODBC is either not installed or corrupt'  02-JUL-98
15734: Large arrays and EasyWin  02-JUL-98
15740: Catching keystrokes in a TEdit  02-JUL-98
15746: Team B Web Page  02-JUL-98
15752: Using TASM from the IDE  02-JUL-98
15758: Building a DOS device driver with BC++ 5.0  02-JUL-98
15764: TC3 Conditional Compilation  07-MAY-98
15770: Windows 95 Help Limitations  02-JUL-98
15776: Transferring Large DOS programs to IDE projects  13-MAY-98
15782: Resource Workshop requires BWCC 2.00  02-JUL-98
15788: Invalid OMF record  02-JUL-98
15794: BCB generated code displaying strings at run-time  02-JUL-98
15800: Inexplicable Undefined symbol errors in BCB  02-JUL-98
15806: Quick Report help file?  02-JUL-98
15811: Disabling a member of a Radio Group  02-JUL-98
15817: Windows byte alignment  18-MAY-98
15823: OWL runtime error -' except.rc not bound to .exe '  02-JUL-98
15829: Unable to close CAPDOS32  02-JUL-98
15835: Getting command-line arguments in BCB  02-JUL-98
15841: How do I get a file's date and time stamp?  02-JUL-98
15847: BCB error -51  02-JUL-98
15853: VFW32.DLL and C++Builder  02-JUL-98
15859: DEF files?  02-JUL-98
15865: Error -51 in C++Builder  02-JUL-98
15871: BWCC 2.0 or greater required  02-JUL-98
15877: TImage::ReadFromStream()  02-JUL-98
15883: Undefined symbols message using STL classes  02-JUL-98
15895: Casting to dialogproc  02-JUL-98
15907: bc5 help error unable to display find tab #177  02-JUL-98
15913: Linker failed to create map file error code 0  02-JUL-98
15918: Packing VDB tables  02-JUL-98
15923: RecordCount isn't working!  02-JUL-98
15929: Window Handles and Object Pointers  02-JUL-98
15935: 16-bit TPropertySheets in NT4 vs. Win95  02-JUL-98
15941: OLE Exception: 'Type mismatch'  02-JUL-98
15947: How do I obtain a char * from an AnsiString?  02-JUL-98
15959: Ridding TEdit control of extraneous characters  02-JUL-98
15971: How do I make a ComboBox Read-Only?  02-JUL-98
15977: Constructing TFile  02-JUL-98
15983: using TPrintOut  02-JUL-98
15989: Listbox Sort: LB_SORT  02-JUL-98
15995: Using EnableMenuItem  02-JUL-98
16001: Changing printer font styles  02-JUL-98
16007: bcb gives a timed out error  02-JUL-98
16012: How does ClassExpert recognize an imported file  02-JUL-98
16018: Linker error: Unable to find file: xxx.res  02-JUL-98
16024: How do I read a change in a control at runtime   18-MAY-98
16030: Using shellitm.h and OWL  02-JUL-98
16036: Adding Items to VCL property Sets   02-JUL-98
16042: ODBC Data sources in the BDE  02-JUL-98
16048: How to uninstall Local InterBase Server  02-JUL-98
16054: Scaling BCB Applications  02-JUL-98
16060: Error 101 or insufficiant disk space  02-JUL-98
16066: IDAPI/BDE install errors  02-JUL-98
16078: Popup menu, which object invoked it?  02-JUL-98
16084: Problems extracting floats from a stream   02-JUL-98
16090: Inspecting local variables tip  02-JUL-98
16096: Translate RETURN key to TAB key  02-JUL-98
16102: dynatext23 online books doesn't have any books  18-MAY-98
16108: vtss is not liscensed to run in design mode   02-JUL-98
16114: tlink general fatal error exception 0xC000096  02-JUL-98
16120: Is there an ILINK32.INI?  02-JUL-98
16126: Closing MDI child forms   02-JUL-98
16132: Can I debug a DLL in C++Builder?  02-JUL-98
16138: Why no source code available for the CPU view?  02-JUL-98
16144: Install error 'Cannot create destination file .'  02-JUL-98
16150: What type is a void * from a DLL  02-JUL-98
16156: dBase Record #'s  02-JUL-98
16162: Determining change of record in dataset  02-JUL-98
16168: Using DirectX with BC5.x  06-MAR-00
16174: Multiple records found but only one expected  02-JUL-98
16180: Highlighting current record in a TDBGrid  02-JUL-98
16186: Repairing corrupt Paradox tables  02-JUL-98
16192: BDE functions and data types  02-JUL-98
16198: Supressing Password Dialog for tables  02-JUL-98
16204: TDBGrid grid cell colors  02-JUL-98
16210: Does builder work with UNC ?  02-JUL-98
16216: Unknown Error 1  02-JUL-98
16222: Too many open files when using open() in a Win App  02-JUL-98
16228: ILINK32 does not support segmentation  02-JUL-98
16234: Multiple open dialogs  18-MAY-98
16240: keyboard typing problem red box while baskspacing   02-JUL-98
16246: 'Property is write-only' when installing OCX  02-JUL-98
16252: Shift-key pressed?  02-JUL-98
16258: SendMessage() in C++Builder  02-JUL-98
16264: Radio Button Groups  02-JUL-98
16270: OpenGL libs: Invalid OMF record/Bad object format  02-JUL-98
16276: Why does _InitEasyWin not work?  02-JUL-98
16282: Ascii file in a TBatchMove fails to work properly  02-JUL-98
16288: Linker error in response file: expected an option   02-JUL-98
16294: Debugger crashes in BCB  02-JUL-98
16300: TASM and BC5  02-JUL-98
16306: Cannot create mapfile *.ilc  02-JUL-98
16312: Linker Out of Memory in NT4.0  18-MAY-98
16318: Watch says local variables are 'out of scope'   02-JUL-98
16324: History lists in BC++ Builder  02-JUL-98
16330: Can't open data files in a relative path while debugging  13-MAY-98
16336: OWL50 help contents(OWL50.CNT)  02-JUL-98
16342: Access violation on form's constructor   02-JUL-98
16348: Required DLL not found at Design time  02-JUL-98
16360: Converting an AnsiString to Char*  02-JUL-98
16366: Delphi to C++Builder  02-JUL-98
16378: C++Builder WinExec() and CreateProcess()  02-JUL-98
16384: C++ and Pascal  02-JUL-98
16394: DLL sizes in C++Builder and Delphi  02-JUL-98
16399: Converting AnsiString to numeric variables  02-JUL-98
16404: Calling Pascal from C++Builder  02-JUL-98
16409: What does the error 'Token not found'  02-JUL-98
16414: Cannot find method to pack database  02-JUL-98
16419: NetManage ActiveX controls  02-JUL-98
16424: Sharing files between C++Builder, BC5 and TASM5   02-JUL-98
16429: 'Unknown Error (#1)'  02-JUL-98
16434: Debugging BCB\BC++ .Dll from Visual Basic  02-JUL-98
16439: How to customize or delete AppExpert menus  02-JUL-98
16444: TypeCasting in BC5  02-JUL-98
16449: Dialog resource in a DLL  02-JUL-98
16454: OWL pre compiled headers  02-JUL-98
16459: Bold fonts in dialog boxes  02-JUL-98
16469: Winsock programming with BC5  18-MAY-98
16474: Detecting COM ports  02-JUL-98
16479: Reversing colors sent to printer in windows  02-JUL-98
16484: Printing to HP printer with OWL  02-JUL-98
16489: How to keep a window always on top  02-JUL-98
16494: Missing .dll after moving .exe to another system  02-JUL-98
16499: Listbox scrolling  02-JUL-98
16504: TAnimateCtrl OWL Class info  02-JUL-98
16509: Can't see global variables on IDE debugger  02-JUL-98
16519: Environment define to identify Borland Compiler  02-JUL-98
16524: Horizontal Scrolling in a TListBox  02-JUL-98
16529: Limit of 254 segments exceed workaround  02-JUL-98
16534: _open in Win32 GUI does not work  02-JUL-98
16539: How to use MASM with BC++  02-JUL-98
16544: How to change video resolution on the fly.  02-JUL-98
16549: White Dialog Boxes with 3D controls  02-JUL-98
16554: Could not obtain BOLE class manager  02-JUL-98
16559: Moving from OWL 2.x and OWL classes unknown  02-JUL-98
16564: Fatal Block Overflow during Linking  02-JUL-98
16569: _TEXT Segment exceeds 64k  18-MAY-98
16574: How to import dll functions using MS's __stdcall.  02-JUL-98
16579: Third party BGX printer support  02-JUL-98
16584: Together C++ Platforms  13-MAY-98
16589: 'Out of Memory' from TLink under NT 4.0  02-JUL-98
16594: Resource IDs> 32767  02-JUL-98
16599: third party DLL funcs with no underscore  02-JUL-98
16604: Printing from EasyWin  02-JUL-98
16609: Inline assembly  13-MAY-98
16614: Tasm 5 version numbers  02-JUL-98
16619: BWCC Borland custom controls  18-MAY-98
16624: Tlink: Unable to open file  02-JUL-98
16629: Bitmap RGB values  02-JUL-98
16634: Unresolved external reference PropertySheet  18-MAY-98
16639: How to rebuild the obsolete classlib libraries  02-JUL-98
16644: Codeguard and BC++ 5.0 on a network  02-JUL-98
16649: Do Overlays work in BC++ 5.01  02-JUL-98
16659: Dialog boxes at Runtime with Win95 controls  18-MAY-98
16663: Netscape Plug-ins SDK  02-JUL-98
16667: Setting printer orientation dynamically  02-JUL-98
16675: Catching exceptions in a thread  02-JUL-98
16679: 'My toolbar doesn't display right!'  02-JUL-98
16686: Resizing listviews  02-JUL-98
16690: How to setup the IDE project for a screen saver?  02-JUL-98
16694: C++Builder uninstall?  02-JUL-98
16698: BDE installation   02-JUL-98
16702: Download preview version installation of BDE  02-JUL-98
16710: Program asks for WINSPOOL.DLL when running under N  18-MAY-98
16714: Byte alignment in C++Builder  02-JUL-98
16718: Conversion of assembly from 16-bit to 32-bit   02-JUL-98
16722: Conflict with Quarterdeck Fixit Agent 1.0  02-JUL-98
16726: 16bit to 32bit(shared global memory)  18-MAY-98
16730: Reducing your Automatic Data Segment  02-JUL-98
16734: Visual dBase crashes when passing string to DLL  02-JUL-98
16738: Closing DosApp spawned with WinExec()  18-MAY-98
16746: Limit of characters for a TEditFile  02-JUL-98
16750: Catching an access violation exception  02-JUL-98
16753: Displaying color in DOS apps built in Windows IDE  02-JUL-98
16757: Converting string type to char*  02-JUL-98
16761: Using Asserts without filling Data Segments  02-JUL-98
16765: Write to COM port in 32-bit  02-JUL-98
16769: Using a Mutex to check for previous instances  02-JUL-98
16773: Stopping a TEdit from beeping when hitting 'Enter'   02-JUL-98
16777: Fatal General error in .#nn files or assert failures from ilink   02-JUL-98
16781: How to hide an app at startup in Builder   02-JUL-98
16785: Errno, BC5.02, and C++Builder   02-JUL-98
16789: Detecting how a console-mode program was launched   02-JUL-98
16793: Using Convert.exe  02-JUL-98
16797: which rows have been selected in a TDBGrid  02-JUL-98
16801: Distributing IDAPI with your EXE  02-JUL-98
16805: Why can't I use a member function of an object to create a thread   02-JUL-98
16809: Using MSVC DLL's   02-JUL-98
16813: Making windows stay on top   02-JUL-98
16817: Sizeof template parameter   02-JUL-98
16821: Invalid Component Library   02-JUL-98
16825: How do I change a specific IDAPI configuration setting?   02-JUL-98
16829: Designing for small AND large fonts   02-JUL-98
16833: Crystal reports and access violation   02-JUL-98
16837: Pascal to C++ header file causes internal error GH1281   02-JUL-98
16841: TQuery, error 'Creating Cursor handle'  13-MAY-98
16845: What are IDAPI and SQL links  02-JUL-98
16849: Informix Support  02-JUL-98
16853: How to use Locate on TDataSet with multi fields  02-JUL-98
16857: Exception Handling and VCL  02-JUL-98
16861: Mask edit for TDBEdit controls  02-JUL-98
16865: Packing dBase tables  02-JUL-98
16869: How can I assign a Null value to a numeric field in a table?  02-JUL-98
16873: Getting current record from a TDBGrid  02-JUL-98
16877: Creating Pdox tables with AutoInc field programatically  02-JUL-98
16881: What is the equivalent in BCB to a Pdox TCursor  02-JUL-98
16885: error Index out of range with TTable FindNearest or FindKey  02-JUL-98
16889: error initializing Database engine  02-JUL-98
16893: Set types as return values  02-JUL-98
16897: Making a form scroll programatically in Builder  02-JUL-98
16901: Modifying the VCL source.  02-JUL-98
16905: creating indexes with the TTable create function  02-JUL-98
16909: Accessing MS Access data with BCB  02-JUL-98
16913: Is there a programmatic way to add an alias to the IDAPI.CFG   02-JUL-98
16917: Max Fields for dBase & Paradox Tables  02-JUL-98
16921: BCB Stream read Error  02-JUL-98
16925: TTable AddIndex() with ixUnique and Paradox tables  02-JUL-98
16928: Playing sound from a Windows application  30-MAR-00
16929: How do I do a locate on a non-indexed field?  02-JUL-98
16933: using return instead of tab or mouse to move off a control  02-JUL-98
16937: Custom resources for CBuilder projects  18-MAY-98
16941: How do I debug into a DLL?  02-JUL-98
16945: Problems with MS Access  02-JUL-98
16948: Disapearing .res files  02-JUL-98
16952: Adding way too many items to a TListView  02-JUL-98
16956: Uninstall issues with bc45 and tcw45  02-JUL-98
16960: Converting ASCII files to Paradox tables  02-JUL-98
16964: Unresolved external _errno  02-JUL-98
16968: Undefined Symbols and namespaces  02-JUL-98
16972: Rebuilding Paradox Index files  02-JUL-98
16976: How to use an OWL app in BCB 3.0  02-JUL-98
16980: Open / Win Help Issues  02-JUL-98
16984: Unable to read CD Rom  13-MAY-98
16988: The icons on the Palette look funky  13-MAY-98
16992: Tab order in BC5 Resource Workshop  02-JUL-98
16999: Changing to a Custom Cursor   02-JUL-98
17003: How do I enable the 3D controls?  02-JUL-98
17007: Creating different frequency sounds from win95 / winnt  30-MAR-00
17011: How to use #pragma to stop a warning  02-JUL-98
17015: Problems reading BC5 CD ROM  02-JUL-98
17019: STDPRN and STDAUX  02-JUL-98
17023: TASM fails to generate OBJ files  02-JUL-98
17027: Linker assert failed  02-JUL-98
17031: Using VC to import a Borland DLL  02-JUL-98
17035: MapDialogRect vs. GetWindowRect  02-JUL-98
17039: BDE 4.51 causes Application Error  02-JUL-98
17043: How do I use TRadioGroup?  18-MAY-98
17051: Global variables in a class  02-JUL-98
17055: Bad CD's  02-JUL-98
17059: How do I create shortcuts programatically?  02-JUL-98
17063: cdr101: Not ready reading drive (cdrom letter)  18-MAY-98
17067: How do I get ride of Smart tabs as the default?  02-JUL-98
17074: Simple Printing code example  02-JUL-98
17078: Uninstalling BC5  02-JUL-98
17082: Including Packages  02-JUL-98
17086: I get the error program must run in Builder Enviroment  13-MAY-98
17090: Installing Local Interbase Server  13-MAY-98
17094: Ocxdlg Example  18-MAY-98
17098: My ActiveX control won't work in as a Component!!!  02-JUL-98
17102: How do I prevent task switching in my application?  02-JUL-98
17106: Windows 95 Desktop, ListView  02-JUL-98
17113: ip address, machine name, TCP, internet, winsock  02-JUL-98
17117: Taskbar  02-JUL-98
17121: Cursor, Animated  02-JUL-98
17125: Turbo Debugger and Overlay  13-MAY-98
17129: WinHelp Find tab  13-MAY-98
17133: Which version is this?  13-MAY-98
17137: How to add the IE4.0 TWebBrowser Control  02-JUL-98
17141: Login name under 32-bit versions of  02-JUL-98
17145: Changing the color of a TStatic label  02-JUL-98
17149: BWCC32.DLL is being used by another program  13-MAY-98
17153: Large bitmap will not display on some systems  02-JUL-98
17157: Broadcast a message  02-JUL-98
17165: CBuilder will not start after shutdown  02-JUL-98
17173: How do I Extract an icon from exe or dll  02-JUL-98
17177: Find a window in Builder  02-JUL-98
17181: Are TrueType fonts are available...  02-JUL-98
17185: Catching and changing the Maximize of a form  02-JUL-98
17189: Block overflow for block ' symbol cache '  13-MAY-98
17193: Wrong linker version  07-MAY-98
17197: Access Violations in OpenGL  02-JUL-98
17201: How can I tell if C++ Builder is running?  02-JUL-98
17205: Why do line drawing methods like MoveTo and LineTo always draw a pixel short?  02-JUL-98
17209: Is there a quick way to open up a file?  02-JUL-98
17213: How do I retrieve the Windows version in code?  02-JUL-98
17217: Using the UDP component to send a string.  02-JUL-98
17221: How to use Access97 drivers with BDE 4.51  02-JUL-98
17225: Using RTTI to determine property of ancestor type  24-JUN-99
17229: Error: Parameter value not in allowed range.  13-MAY-98
17233: Licence files for the Netmanage controls  02-JUL-98
17237: _ins0432  13-MAY-98
17241: BC45 manual install  13-MAY-98
17245: Keeping the Local IBServer from starting up automatically  13-MAY-98
17253: How do I restart Windows?  02-JUL-98
17257: What are my options for creating resource files?  13-MAY-98
17261: Gaining access to the TBitmap types used by the Windows API?  02-JUL-98
17265: How can I programmatically undo changes in an edit type control?  02-JUL-98
17269: I created a very large bitmap image that refuses...  02-JUL-98
17273: TCW4.5 appears not to load when clicked  13-MAY-98
17277: Online Help Book Collection inaccessible  02-JUL-98
17281: Downloading Turbo Vision  02-JUL-98
17285: Turbo Vision  02-JUL-98
17289: _INS0432 Error  13-MAY-98
17293: How to put a progress bar on a Status Bar ...  02-JUL-98
17297: Installing PVCS in BCB  13-MAY-98
17301: How can I abort a lengthy operation?  02-JUL-98
17305: Child parent message relations?  02-JUL-98
17309: How do I add a TrueType font to Windows 95 in code?  02-JUL-98
17313: How can I simulate a button click in code?  02-JUL-98
17317: How do I convert a 16 bit res file to a 32 bit res file?  02-JUL-98
17321: Control in another window to copy it's contents to the Windows clipboard..   02-JUL-98
17325: BC45 Manual Installation  02-JUL-98
17329: Getting Online Books installed in TCW4.5  13-MAY-98
17333: Why doesn't TCGIResponse->SendRedirect() work?  02-JUL-98
17337: ActiveX form will not install in VB 5.0  02-JUL-98
17341: Where is CERTINST.DOC ?  02-JUL-98
17345: Casting operators  02-JUL-98
17349: Converting Delphi and BCB1.0 Components for use with BCB3.0  02-JUL-98
17353: How do I get a ComboBox to drop down its list box in code?  02-JUL-98
17357: I have attempted to use the predefined macros...  02-JUL-98
17361: What is the fastest way to draw graphics...  02-JUL-98
17365: Arrow keys handler  02-JUL-98
17369: Writing a VCL component in C++ which defines its own events  02-JUL-98
17373: TThread Run () in OWL  02-JUL-98
17377: How to load a bimap from a dll resource  02-JUL-98
17381: Turning several Labels into array of labels  02-JUL-98
17385: TBitmap and externally linked resource file?  02-JUL-98
17389: How do I get a Form's width to be less than 120 (approx) pixels?  02-JUL-98
17393: How can I determine where the Windows directory is?  02-JUL-98
17397: How do I find the size of the Desktop minus the taskbar?  02-JUL-98
17401: How do I hide the WIndows Task Bar?  02-JUL-98
17405: Using File Mapping for Shared Data.  02-JUL-98
17409: How do I keep my application in a iconized (minimized) state?  02-JUL-98
17413: How do I tell if a sound card is installed?  02-JUL-98
17417: How can I determine what is the current line number of a TMemo?  02-JUL-98
17421: How can I beep the PC Speaker?  02-JUL-98
17425: How do I move a file or directory?  02-JUL-98
17429: BCB3 Under Multiple NT4 Profiles  13-MAY-98
17433: S3 Diamond Driver   02-JUL-98
17437: InterBase Certificate ID and Key  13-MAY-98
17441: Clicking on InstallShield in Install Menu does nothing  02-JUL-98
17445: Command Enabling  02-JUL-98
17449: Control Panel App from Builder  02-JUL-98
17453: Range checking in an edit  02-JUL-98
17457: Exporting a Form as A class  02-JUL-98
17461: How to remove components in CBuilder 3  02-JUL-98
17465: Where are the equivalent functions for the Visual Basic Trim functions?  02-JUL-98
17469: How to get that zoomy minimizing thing going for my apps  02-JUL-98
17473: Where are the VK_Key constants A-Z and 0-9 declared?  02-JUL-98
17477: How do I change the Windows wallpaper in code?  02-JUL-98
17481: How can I prevent C++ Builder...TMemo...?  02-JUL-98
17485: Installed BC 5.02. When I click on help I get an icon 'red X' but no text?  13-MAY-98
17489: What can I do when I get the error 'BC5.01A Out of memory'?  13-MAY-98
17493: How do I change the default Windows printer?  02-JUL-98
17497: How to disable a system menu item  02-JUL-98
17501: Trapping the Alt-F4 command.  02-JUL-98
17505: Component Template storage info  02-JUL-98
17509: ActiveX conrols in a DLL  02-JUL-98
17513: BSTRs as Params instead of AnsiString  02-JUL-98
17517: How can I delete my executable while it is running?  02-JUL-98
17521: Whenever I try to use the Internet controls...?  02-JUL-98
17525: Programmatically sending files to the recycle-bin  02-JUL-98
17529: How to get a long file name from a short one  02-JUL-98
17532: How do I display the icon that is associated with...?   02-JUL-98
17536: How can I get a list of...?  02-JUL-98
17540: How to format a drive programmatically  02-JUL-98
17543: How do I load a local file in the HTML control?  02-JUL-98
17547: TDateTime does not set the field out of 1900  13-MAY-98
17551: Datasource events  02-JUL-98
17554: BC5 not capable of debugging 16 bit exe  18-MAY-98
17558: BCB 3 app crashes at startup  02-JUL-98
17562: runtime error 255  18-MAY-98
17566: Drag and Drop using a TDragObject  02-JUL-98
17570: TDateTimePicker exception.  02-JUL-98
17574: Displaying an __int64 value.  02-JUL-98
17578: Getting the system Menu Font  02-JUL-98
17581: Preventing another instance of your application.  02-JUL-98
17585: Mapping a network drive programmatcally.  02-JUL-98
17587: How can I prevent Windows 95 from locking up...?  02-JUL-98
17590: How do I print a TStringGrid/TDBGrid?  02-JUL-98
17594: How do I rotate a Metafile?  02-JUL-98
17598: How do I save a TFont object to a File/Registry/ini/Database?  02-JUL-98
17602: Caret position in TMemo vs. TRichEdit  02-JUL-98
17606: Shutting down Windows 95  02-JUL-98
17609: Hide an app from the taskbar.  02-JUL-98
17613: Adding bitmaps in a builder project w/o using a TImage  02-JUL-98
17617: Access violation on shutdown of Database app  02-JUL-98
17621: Shut down windows programmatically  02-JUL-98
17625: Calling an MDI form in a DLL  02-JUL-98
17629: C++Builder install on on Windows NT and Windows 2000, only Administrator works  18-MAY-98
17633: ComCtl32.dll Version 4.70  02-JUL-98
17637: How to set wave volume  02-JUL-98
17641: Access97 ODBC with BDE 4.51  02-JUL-98
17645: Runtime Error 216 Splash Screen Workaround  01-SEP-99
17648: Creating a page with RichEdit on the fly.  02-JUL-98
17652: How to do Multi Columns in a TListWindow  18-MAY-98
17656: DllEntryPoint not called  02-JUL-98
17660: Converting a Variant to a char* and how to check if a Variant is a String  02-JUL-98
17664: How do I change the order of the files in the project manager  02-JUL-98
17672: Message handlers for ActiveX controls  02-JUL-98
17676: How can I access a control's members by it's Name property?  02-JUL-98
17680: Confusion in NT with the Convert utility  13-MAY-98
17684: Viewing control hints from the status bar.  02-JUL-98
17688: Illegal Operation: BCW caused an invalid page fault  18-MAY-98
17691: component not showing up on pallet  02-JUL-98
17695: How can I access/read something from the registry?  08-JUN-98
17699: Fatal Error: Out of Disk Space  08-JUN-98
17703: FAQ2703C: After I close install.txt, only a blue screen is left on the screen and I can't install.  01-SEP-99
17707: Deploying the BDE: InstallShield can't find BDE drivers  08-JUN-98
17711: Fonts in the QnA Pages too small  12-JUN-98
17715: Network Install with Borland C++ Builder 3.0  20-MAY-98
17719: How do I delete all the tabs on my page control in one function?  08-JUN-98
17723: FAQ2723C: New conponent does not show up on the pallet  01-SEP-99
17727: Error 216  08-JUN-98
17731: Error 69  08-JUN-98
17735: TTable AV's when I create one dynamically.  08-JUN-98
17739: Mis aligned data in a .dll  08-JUN-98
17743: Compiling the component library in BCB1 from the command line.  15-JUN-98
17751: SETUP.EXE is not a valid win32 application  01-JUL-98
17766: My Corba Client AV's  15-JUL-98
17770: Manual Installation for BC5  01-SEP-99
17773: Writing to StatusBar Panels.  15-JUL-98
17776: Unable to create map file / state file  17-JUL-98
17779: Creating a transparent window.  20-JUL-98
17783: Events show up but are not fired.  04-AUG-98
17786: Debugging an OCX using Internet Explorer and BCB3  04-AUG-98
17790: StringToOleStr () is causing a huge memory leak  04-AUG-98
17797: Library compatibility between BC4.5x and BC5.0x  04-AUG-98
17803: Cannot load bcwdpmi.dll  04-AUG-98
17810: TQuery RequestLive results in error "Table/View does not exist."  04-AUG-98
17817: TListBox and RUSSIAN_CHARSET  10-AUG-98
17824: Setting startup directory  18-AUG-98
17830: Using "other the 1 byte" alignment with OWL  18-AUG-98
17840: Location of RogueWave's STL documentation  18-AUG-98
17844: Reading/Writing from RS232 with Builder  18-AUG-98
17848: External Exception EEFFACE when connecting  18-AUG-98
17851: Location of standard Windows .bmp's for new, open, etc.  18-AUG-98
17854: USEOBJ problem  18-AUG-98
18559: BC3.1 — How to fix problem with TMAPSYM and TLINK   02-JUL-98
18715: Pure virutal function called error  26-AUG-98
18716: Calling Release on returned interface pointers  26-AUG-98
18718: Ambiguities with Windows when importing msword8.olb  26-AUG-98
18720: public vs private inheritance  26-AUG-98
18722: "Property is write only"  26-AUG-98
18724: Using isdigit Within a Library  26-AUG-98
18727: Merging the configuration file has failed  13-JUL-99
18729: Problem Installing BDE 5: "UninstallShield is in use"  26-AUG-98
18732: How to fix driver conflicts for builder 3 in windows 98  09-FEB-99
18737: Oracle 8 and returning the REF CURSOR from a stored procedure  01-SEP-99
18741: TOCXProxy already exists  01-SEP-99
18743: Update to the BC5 network install TI.  01-SEP-99
18747: Console Wizard not in File | New??  01-SEP-99
18749: Unknown Internal Operating System Error  01-SEP-99
18752: Creating NonMaintained or .NDX indexes on dBASE Tables  01-SEP-99
18754: Problems using the TChart component  01-SEP-99
18763: Error: Too many fields in table create  01-SEP-99
18767: Oracle's Oracle 7.x ODBC drivers, VARCHAR2>255  01-SEP-99
18770: IBM CAE 5 PTF 3 and 4 for DB2 Universal server and client  01-SEP-99
18772: Informix SE, errors while working with Borland Informix SQL Links  01-SEP-99
18774: Microsoft SQL Server "Unexpected EOF from SQL Server"  01-SEP-99
18776: Microsoft SQL Server error 17824 Unable to write to ListenOn connection  01-SEP-99
18778: Sybase DBLIB, Access Violation in KERNEL32.DLL  01-SEP-99
18780: Sybase CTLIB, multiple stored procedure result sets  01-SEP-99
18782: DB2 Win3.1 and Win95/WinNT combined installation.  01-SEP-99
18784: IBM DB2 CLI driver errors SQL0551N and SQL0805N  01-SEP-99
18786: BDE>=4.0, Intersolve ODBC 3.0, TQuery CachedUpdates, TUpdateSql, ApplyUpdates, null/blank string  01-SEP-99
18788: Oracle Integer to BDE or Delphi float, ENABLE INTEGER  01-SEP-99
18789: SQL LINKS>=4.0 BLOB SIZE parameter  01-SEP-99
18791: Underscores "_" do not show up while printing source from the IDE  01-SEP-99
18793: How do I contact QuSoft AS, the Makers of QuickReport  01-SEP-99
18795: Storing a Forms Position and Size in The Registry  01-SEP-99
18798: SQL Explorer reports Oracle 8 database as Oracle 7 database  01-SEP-99
18800: Builder 3 with an S3 Virge chip  01-SEP-99
18804: Access Violation when opening BDE Object in DataModule of DLL  01-SEP-99
18806: Sybase/"record has been modified by another user" error with datetime fields  01-SEP-99
18808: Delphi4, Oracle 7.x stored procedures with multiple parameters with one being a REF Cursor  01-SEP-99
18809: Creating "C" programs with Builder?  01-SEP-99
18811: How do I Print the output of a Progam.  01-SEP-99
18813: SHBrowseForFolder callback function  01-SEP-99
18816: Preventing multiple instances with BCB  01-SEP-99
18818: Safe Mode Install  01-SEP-99
18820: Detecting Windows Shutdown Mode  01-SEP-99
18821: Cannot find X.lib or X.h: $(BCB) path isn't working right  01-SEP-99
18823: Sybase 11.5 server causes problems for SQL Explorer  26-MAR-99
18829: Vendor Init when using Oracle 7.2 with Delphi4/BDE5  26-MAR-99
19233: Problem using the TChart component  01-SEP-99
19235: Oracle 8 and writing Data to a LOB (blob/clob) field.  26-MAR-99
19237: Passing a String from a 16 bit VB app to a 16 bit C .DLL  01-SEP-99
19238: Date Field Precision For Borland Database Formats  01-SEP-99
19240: SQL against Access tables with special characters in field names, such as #  26-MAR-99
19241: SetForegroundWindow in Win98/WinNT/Win95  01-SEP-99
19242: Vendor INIT error when connecting to DB2 Version 5  26-MAR-99
19244: SQL Error returns error when trying to get TableList for DB2  26-MAR-99
19254: Interbase, cached updates and Blob not found error  26-MAR-99
19255: MS Access and tryingto detect Null blobs using TBlobField.IsNull method  26-MAR-99
19256: Resolving "Illegal EXTDEF fixup index in module xxx.pas"  01-SEP-99
19271: Blob have limit of 1000000 bytes when connecting via ODBC  26-MAR-99
19274: Non-Blob column in table required to perform operation with MSSQL  16-NOV-99
19277: C++Builder MDI Forms Have Greyed out Close Button.  01-SEP-99
19279: Cannot Load IDAPI Service library when connecting to Access  26-MAR-99
19282: Using Object Pascal with C++Builder  01-SEP-99
19283: How do I make a TEdit respond to the Enter key?  01-SEP-99
19286: Resizing a Canvas Object's cliprect  01-SEP-99
19289: Interbase install: Error near IBCheck  01-SEP-99
19292: AnsiString Property editors  01-SEP-99
19293: Manually Uninstalling C++ Builder 3  01-SEP-99
19296: In Memory Tables use System Language Driver  26-MAR-99
19297: Deleting all records from dBASE table may work differently between 16 bit and 32 bit.  26-MAR-99
19304: Unable to trace into pascal source with runtime packages  01-SEP-99
19306: Template export keyword  01-SEP-99
19310: Creating "help cursor" functionality without the "?" button in the caption  01-SEP-99
19314: Replicating FindFirstFile's Windows NT behaviour in Windows 95  01-SEP-99
19315: Access Violation with Word Data Alignment  01-SEP-99
19316: AP Class Information  01-SEP-99
19317: Linker Response File  31-MAR-99
19319: Replacing chars in a stringlist  01-SEP-99
19325: Saving the desktop settings.  09-FEB-99
19326: Install hangs on the readme.  09-FEB-99
19329: Installing Acroread that Comes with Turbo C++ 4.5  09-FEB-99
19330: OWL Blazer example Help About window  09-FEB-99
19331: A Nice Macro for Exporting classes and functions  09-FEB-99
19332: How do I resond to the Enter key in a VCL control  09-FEB-99
19334: How do I produce a .hpp file from a .pas file in C++Builder  09-FEB-99
19336: Possible source of floating point overflow  09-FEB-99
19338: How to set a default dir path for projects  09-FEB-99
19340: Internationalization problems with fonts.  08-FEB-99
19345: How do I change the SQLWait Cursor?  09-FEB-99
19347: How can I have a class which allows only one object to be created?  10-FEB-99
19350: How do I put a Form in a Package?  10-FEB-99
19362: *.csm files  10-FEB-99
19363: How do I add a Form to my Repository?  10-FEB-99
19364: *.tds files  10-FEB-99
19365: *.ilc, .ild, .ilf, .ls. files  10-FEB-99
19367: .dsk files  10-FEB-99
19368: Files with ~ in thier extension  10-FEB-99
19369: Yet another Floating point error from EasyWin  11-FEB-99
19370: Printing Quick Reports in a thread  11-FEB-99
19371: Uninstalling Builder 3 After Installing Builder 4  16-FEB-99
19373: Missing Wizards  16-FEB-99
19374: My component palettes are missing!  16-FEB-99
19376: How do I do Delphi-like 'is' and 'as' checks?  16-JUN-99
19377: How do I get archived mail from the Borland C++Builder newsgroups?  18-FEB-99
19378: Console Wizard does not show up under File | New  17-FEB-99
19380: Taskbar button stays behind after application is closed  18-FEB-99
19382: Oracle fields of type MLSLABEL are not supported  26-MAR-99
19383: Checking Compiler version at compile time  17-FEB-99
19384: BatchMove of Time field from Paradox to Oracle results in timestamp in the year 3000.  26-MAR-99
19387: How can I generate an error for SELECT statements that divide by zero?  26-MAR-99
19388: How do I create a stand-alone application in C++Builder.  22-JUL-02
19389: What is a good BDE Alternative?  22-FEB-99
19393: What compiler do I need to create 16 bit executables?  22-FEB-99
19394: Why does my compiler crash windows when I load it up?  22-FEB-99
19400: How do I create a DLL in C++Builder3 that doesn't export the TDateTime class?  25-MAY-99
19401: Implementing the IConnecitonPoint Interface with Builder  24-FEB-99
19407: The Variant data type in BCB4  24-FEB-99
19414: "Socket subsystem error" during install of InterBase  01-MAR-99
19416: How do I find out what is wrong with my InterBase install?  01-MAR-99
19430: Error: Nested Transactions Not supported  26-MAR-99
19432: DbiOpenTableList does not list Informix views  26-MAR-99
19433: Cannot convert 'void (* (_closure )())()' to 'void (MyClass::*)()'  11-MAR-99
19434: Why do I have to call the c_str() member function of the String class?  29-MAR-99
19436: Access CrossTab queries queries  26-MAR-99
19437: Making ilink32 be like tlink32  11-MAR-99
19442: Creating a non GUI ( console ) applicaion in C++Builder  12-MAR-99
19443: Generating auxilary tables for Local SQL  26-MAR-99
19447: curNATIVEHNDL, dbNATIVEHNDL, stmtNATIVEHNDL nor supported for Access  26-MAR-99
19448: Error 113 when Installing C++Builder 4  22-MAR-99
19450: Intermittent unresolved externals  22-MAR-99
19451: Problems Installing Under Windows 98  22-MAR-99
19452: 0 Dates and Informix  26-MAR-99
19455: Live query against ADT's are not supported  26-MAR-99
19457: Filters are not supported against ADTs.  26-MAR-99
19459: BLOBs and CLOBs not supported in REF child table  26-MAR-99
19461: IN Not supported for Live Queries against SQL Databases  26-MAR-99
19462: Creating Floats in Access Table results in integers being created  26-MAR-99
19464: Fieldtypes that get translated to BCD  26-MAR-99
19465: Default values not imported to Data Dictionary for Access  26-MAR-99
19467: Can't Create Data Dictionaries for ODBC connections to Access and Oracle   26-MAR-99
19469: Oracle 8 RAW fields are limited to 255 bytes  26-MAR-99
19471: 'Error loadig type librart/DLL' message from thin tier Midas client.  18-MAR-99
19474: Unresolved external 'Scktcomp::TAbstractSocket::SetPortA(int)   22-MAR-99
19478: ColorDialog COlor property does not change in the OnClose() event.  22-MAR-99
19481: How do I change the Windows wallpaper to tiled  22-MAR-99
19483: How to I stretch the Windows wallpaper  22-MAR-99
19484: 'Class not registered' error when deploying application.  19-MAR-99
19488: "Invalid Variant Type Error" when trying to start C++Builder Trial version.  18-JUN-99
19489: Runtime Error 216 at startup of Builder 4 Trial.  24-MAR-99
19490: ODBC and DB2 don't do Prepare's  05-OCT-99
19495: Row Level locking not supported in drivers other than Paradox, dBASE and FoxPro  26-MAR-99
19497: DbiGetSysVersion does not report minor releases  26-MAR-99
19500: Can I have BC5 and CBuilder both installed at the same time?  29-MAR-99
19501: What does EEFFACE mean?  29-MAR-99
19502: Authenticode error while trying to install Borland C++ 5.02 from the Companion CD   29-MAR-99
19504: Special SQL syntax required to INSERT into BLOBs/CLOBs when parameters are>= 4K.  13-JUL-99
19505: Sybase / MSSQL ARITHABORT ON and "Divide by zero occurred." error.  13-JUL-99
19506: Informix Online and ROW LEVEL LOCKING (LOCK MODE ROW)  13-JUL-99
19507: Oracle database link, cursor, ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error  13-JUL-99
19508: Raising MSSQL and Sybase errors with a severity <=10 do not get raised by SQL Links.  26-JUL-99
19510: How do I talk to an Visual Basic ActiveX control.  29-MAR-99
19518: BORDBK41.DLL is missing or not registered  16-JUN-99
19519: Accurate timing in WIN32  04-AUG-99
19520: BCB 4 Boot problem  16-JUN-99
19521: Using AnsiString in a WIN32 console program  25-MAY-99
19533: Making function calls on an ActiveX RemoteDataModule server with one connection.  29-APR-99
19535: ToolBar flickering  25-MAY-99
19536: Workaround for TComboBox::Focused bug in BCB1 and BCB3  25-MAY-99
19539: EStackOverflow and TForm constructors  25-MAY-99
19542: Fast image pixel access  25-MAY-99
19557: New Interbase SQL Links support in BDE 5.01 (SQLINT32.DLL v5.01.24)  13-JUL-99
19558: MSSQL SQL Links driver and the LANGDRIVER setting  26-JUL-99
19559: BDE 12550 Invalid configuration parameter error  13-JUL-99
19560: "lock timeout" error, TIMEOUT and MAX QUERY TIME parameters.  13-JUL-99
19561: Oracle user functions, ORA-06553 expression of of wrong type  13-JUL-99
19565: MSSQL 7 SQL Links (v5.01.23) feature support, MS DBLIB (NTWDBLIB.DLL)  13-JUL-99
19566: SQL Explorer left pane cannot be resized.  13-JUL-99
19569: Make.exe and Ilink.32  16-JUN-99
19576: The RTL and Debug Information  04-AUG-99
19578: TListView and Multiple Columns  25-MAY-99
19581: Keeping Your Dialog From Being Maximized  25-MAY-99
19582: Loading Bitmaps  25-MAY-99
19583: DBGrid Row Color  25-MAY-99
19584: ComboBox Text  25-MAY-99
19586: Linking and C++ Builder 4  25-MAY-99
19588: Form1 Calling Form2  25-MAY-99
19589: Adding to TStrings  25-MAY-99
19590: Waiting for Show()  25-MAY-99
19591: SubMilli-Second Timer  29-APR-99
19592: Getting Version Information From a File  29-APR-99
19593: MIDL Compilation  16-JUN-99
19594: Saving a Bitmap To a File  25-MAY-99
19595: Capturing the Active Window or Screen  04-AUG-99
19596: DNS Lookup  25-MAY-99
19597: CGI Applications and Builder  25-MAY-99
19598: Reading and Writing Cookies  16-JUN-99
19599: Detecting Connections  16-JUN-99
19600: CGI Development  25-MAY-99
19601: Writing Programs To Make Cellular Phone Calls  25-MAY-99
19608: What is the naming convention for Windows versions of the RTL  25-MAY-99
19609: How do I set a breakpoint in a DLL manually  25-MAY-99
19617: Turbo C++ Suite CD-ROM Installation FAQ  16-JUN-99
19621: Working around the "Unexpected end-of-file in conditional"  16-JUN-99
19622: OLE exceptions   04-AUG-99
19623: Porting FirstImpressions ActiveX control from BCB1 to BCB4  16-JUN-99
19624: "A class name TOCXProxy already exists"  04-AUG-99
19625: BCB3->BCB4 Undefined Symbol TAutoArgs  16-JUN-99
19626: ActiveX reading paramters from HTML  16-JUN-99
19629: Return value as a prameter  16-JUN-99
19633: How Many DLLs Can I Load In My Multi-threaded C++ Builder Application?  16-JUN-99
19634: How Do I Install And Uninstall A Service Written Using TServce?  16-JUN-99
19643: Setlocale() not working.  16-JUN-99
19647: Why Do I Have Problems reading from the Parallel Port?  16-JUN-99
19648: Working around GH1949 internal error.  04-AUG-99
19652: Creating a lookup field in a TDBGrid for Builder  04-AUG-99
19655: SET NOCOUNT ON causes "Couldn't perform the edit because another user changed the record" error  28-JUL-99
19657: FoxPro IDX files  13-JUL-99
19660: Access and QuickReports  13-JUL-99
19662: "Invalid Row ID" when migrating from Oracle 7 to Oracle 8  21-JUN-99
19663: MSACCESS Tables with System Database on a CDROM  13-JUL-99
19664: General SQL error # 2147221164  13-JUL-99
19666: SQL Anywhere and Blobs>32K when RequestLive=False  13-JUL-99
19667: Invalid Field Type when creating ODBC DataSource  13-JUL-99
19669: Oracle 7 faster than Oracle 8  13-JUL-99
19674: Shared Memory Conflict error  13-JUL-99
19683: How do I start TC from Windows95?  16-JUN-99
19693: Assembly with BC5  23-JUN-99
19694: "Invalid field type" database error with MSSQL server 7  28-AUG-00
19698: Oracle wrapped stored procedure and the Oracle SQL Links driver.  13-JUL-99
19699: Database Desktop and the number of displayed digits after the decimal point.  13-JUL-99
19700: Obtaining a list of available BDE language drivers  13-JUL-99
19701: Unrecognized Database Format error when opening Access table  13-JUL-99
19702: IIS server reports 'The specified module could not be found'  04-AUG-99
19705: How Do I Resolve The Undefined Symbol 'TAutoArg' When Using Variant?  04-AUG-99
19707: Getting local hostname from winsock.  04-AUG-99
19709: InterBase Server access from a web server application  04-AUG-99
19710: Streaming an image from a webserver application  04-AUG-99
19711: Autodialer starts when using internet controls even if I'm already connected.  04-AUG-99
19712: Converting a TColor to an HTML color string  04-AUG-99
19713: Using the native Access driver and ISAPI  04-AUG-99
19714: Detecting at runtime whether or not you are connected to the internet.  04-AUG-99
19715: TClientsocket & TServerSocket  04-AUG-99
19716: Printing a web page with the HTML control  04-AUG-99
19727: $2B05 "Permission denied." MS Terminal Server, application using the Borland Database Engine  13-JUL-99
19729: Maximum number of DBPROCESSES already allocated  13-JUL-99
19731: NT Authentication/Integrated security  13-JUL-99
19738: How do I tell which Service pack I am using with nt4?  04-AUG-99
19742: ODBC Connections via Microsoft ODBC Text driver  13-JUL-99
19744: Unable to use IDE tools to access and/or update tables in Informix database  04-AUG-99
19750: Title: Component Pallette Icons are jumbled/scrambled/mixed-up  04-AUG-99
19754: Can I do DB2 Database development with the Turbo C++ line of compilers?  04-AUG-99
19755: What is the version of the compiler that comes with C++Builder 4?  04-AUG-99
19758: "Fixing" the wait cursor in the Editor.  04-AUG-99
19760: What version of the compiler do I get for the AP computer science classes?  04-AUG-99
19769: How do I stop C++Builder Direct from popping up?  04-AUG-99
19773: External Exception EEFFACE under Winnt 4.0   04-AUG-99
19778: Editing record generates BDE Error 10259 ($2813)  28-JUL-99
19779: Character fields from Access ODBC connection are reported as being double their true size  28-JUL-99
19781: BatchMove from TEXT doesn't create Time or TimeStamp fields.  28-JUL-99
19784: Oracle MSLABEL fields  28-JUL-99
19785: Dates with single digit years operate differently with a leading zero  28-JUL-99
19791: Dialogs showing incorrect white background.  04-AUG-99
20123: Retrieving all Windows  23-NOV-99
20125: linker error- unresolved external TAbstractSocket::SetPortA  23-NOV-99
20126: Native Drivers and BCB4 Professional Edition  23-NOV-99
20132: How to create a shared segment in a dll.  24-NOV-99
20155: Using JPEG's in a TImage  29-NOV-99
20156: On WindowsNT, when creating a new object (File | New...), only a 'Copy' can be created, while 'Use' and 'Inherit' are greyed out.  17-MAR-00
20157: Is Borland C++ 5 still available for sale?  29-NOV-99
20164: Creating Thumbnails for Images Using TImage  29-NOV-99
20174: Dragging a TImage at runtime  30-NOV-99
20175: Getting Executable FilePath  30-NOV-99
20177: How to disable Ctrl-Alt-Del and Alt-Tab key combo under Win95.  30-NOV-99
20178: How to access the current user's login ID.  30-NOV-99
20180: Garbage added to end of Memo field with ODBC connection  30-NOV-99
20183: Why does the IDE crash if the Microsoft proxy client is installed?  30-NOV-99
20192: Why is my component giving me a "Stack Overflow" error?  01-DEC-99
20197: Setting the Caption Displayed in the Startbar  01-DEC-99
20329: Why won't my template code link when it's outside of my .h file?  14-DEC-99
20393: Parameters to Access Long Text fields limited to 255 characters  21-DEC-99
20394: Versions of Oracle Supported  21-DEC-99
20395: Versions of DB2 supported by BDE 5.10  21-DEC-99
20431: C++Builder 4 installation under multiple NT profiles  28-MAR-00
20449: How to change the name of the final .dll  30-DEC-99
20461: Inet40.bpi and Inetdb40.bpi missing.  03-JAN-00
20492: Systutils.pas cannot find ffmt.obj  07-JAN-00
20498: How do I pass the OleVariant array in TADOConnection::OpenSchema()  07-JAN-00
20499: How to use Format in C++ Builder  07-JAN-00
20506: How do I ensure a deep copy of an AnsiString?  10-JAN-00
20510: Manual Uninstallation of Borland C++ Builder 4  11-JAN-00
20552: How do I Register or Unregister an out-of-process server via the command-line?  17-JAN-00
20580: How SQL Links determines if an MSSQL table can refreshed.  19-JAN-00
20618: double buffer problems in opengl  24-JAN-00
20619: Where is the Data Access tab in Borland C++Builder Standard?  24-JAN-00
20623: Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS (Turbo Suite CD) Installation  24-JAN-00
20644: Loading an ISAPI DLL with Informix results in Error.  27-JAN-00
20646: ISAPI DLL when connecting to Informix gives sql.iem error  27-JAN-00
20660: Display Corruption During Turbo C++ 4.5 Compile  17-MAR-00
20695: Will C++ Builder 4 run in 16 color mode?  02-FEB-00
20696: Why am I receiving an "Error writing file" message?  02-FEB-00
20716: Customizing the time/date display of the TDateTimePicker  21-MAR-00
20755: Does the BDE use Client side or server side cursors for MSSQL?  07-FEB-00
20765: ATL Compatibility Problem in vctobpr.exe  21-MAR-00
20779: Why can't I print the output of the program I've written?  09-FEB-00
20782: How to obtain IDAPI32.LIB and IDAPI.H  09-FEB-00
20783: How to obtain the BDE  09-FEB-00
20791: Versions of the BDE that support MSSQL 7  10-FEB-00
20802: Access Violation when opening any Access Table  11-FEB-00
20859: How do I change the colors of lines in a TListBox or similiar controls?  16-FEB-00
20874: Why can't I use the streaming operators with the VCL classes Set, Variant, and Currency?   28-FEB-00
20875: Changing Formatiing routines with system settings  28-FEB-00
20876: Dropping the Primary Index  28-FEB-00
20899: Creating non-VCL DLLs with C++Builder  29-FEB-00
21145: C++ Builder 5 (and command-line tools download) getline() fix  10-MAR-00
21181: Using Delphi and C++Builder Results in Problems With the Borland Memory Manager  08-MAR-00
21371: Enabling the debugger in Borland C++ 5.02  20-MAR-00
21372: Working with serial and parallel ports in C++ Builder.  20-MAR-00
21422: Using the free Borland C++ 5.5 Compiler: A Beginners' Guide  22-MAR-00
21483: Installing C++ Builder 5 Trial edition to Windows 2000 under a Non-Administrator profile  28-MAR-00
21494: How do I get rid of the unresolved external to SetPortA when using Socket components?  28-MAR-00
21499: Manually Installing Borland C++Builder  28-MAR-00
21502: Safe Mode Installation of Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS.  28-MAR-00
21512: How do I set the path for Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS?  28-MAR-00
21513: How do I Start Turbo C++ 3.0 for Dos?  28-MAR-00
21514: Why is the Service Application missing from File | New in Borland C++Builder 4 Professional?  28-MAR-00
21548: New Interbase driver configuration parameter COMMIT RETAIN.  29-MAR-00
21553: Getting "unmapped SQL error code 10038" when connecting to MS SQL.  29-MAR-00
21567: Incorrect lighting calculations in OpenGL  30-MAR-00
21568: Lighting problems in OpenGL  30-MAR-00
21569: Form resizing   30-MAR-00
21570: Using AnsiStrings and char *  30-MAR-00
21571: Safe Mode Install Will Not Work  30-MAR-00
21572: Number of Guaranteed Matrixes in OpenGL  30-MAR-00
21574: "CGI application did not return complete set of HTTP headers" error message.  30-MAR-00
21585: Debugger Kernel BORDBK51.DLL is missing or not registered  07-JUN-00
21588: Creating a Console Application (DOS style) in C++ Builder 5  07-APR-00
21703: Oracle 8 problems introduced in BDE 5.1.1.  11-APR-00
21709: Can ADO Express components be used by BCB4?  12-APR-00
21711: Will Builder create embedded systems applications?  12-APR-00
21721: Loading Params for some Stored Procs in Oracle Packages causes AV  12-APR-00
21725: Closing and reopening a prepared query with Oracle 8 causes memory leak.  12-APR-00
21726: Logging in with an incorrect login results in different errors with Oracle 7 and 8  12-APR-00
21727: General SQL Error when connecting to MSSQL  12-APR-00
21728: Application Taskbar Button  12-APR-00
21742: TTable.Edit always executes SELECT statement  13-APR-00
21752: CodeGuard does not report memory leaks in the CodeGaurd Log window.  14-APR-00
21773: Delphi 3 Midas apps not usable with BDE 5.1.1.  19-APR-00
21774: Read only access to FoxPro is recommended.  02-AUG-00
21780: Creating a Owner Drawn PageControl  20-APR-00
21799: How to I allow an application to perform operations while idle?  24-APR-00
21821: BDE uses small packet sizes  27-APR-00
21822: Unknown Software exception on compile.  27-APR-00
21859: How do I display a bitmap image in Builder?  01-MAY-00
21927: Library Paths: Environment Options vs. Project Options  09-MAY-00
21942: Does it really matter where I place my #include statements in C++ Builder?  10-MAY-00
21943: What is the function of #pragma resource "*.dfm" which appears in all newly generated applications?  10-MAY-00
21945: How do I verify that all of the available components are being displayed in the component palette?  10-MAY-00
22025: Visual C++ project conversion tool (VCTOBPR.EXE)  09-AUG-00
22091: How to get a file's associated icon.  30-MAY-00
22092: Shortcut to Turbo C++  30-MAY-00
22093: Crystal Reports updating error — DSS50.lib is missing  30-MAY-00
22113: Indices Vs. Keys  31-MAY-00
22115: Setting default value for decimal places in the BDE.  31-MAY-00
22152: Should I use a TImageList , or another type of storage component for holding bitmaps?  05-JUN-00
22153: Would it be difficult to create a CD Player application in C++Builder?  05-JUN-00
22154: What are TFrames, and how are they useful?  06-JUN-00
22155: Error: "BORDBK51.DLL is missing or not registered" after apparently successful manual registration.  06-JUN-00
22166: In C++ Builder 5, where is the THTML component that used to exist in prior releases?  07-JUN-00
22167: C++Builder 5 seemed to install fine, but now Windows fails to load, producing an error in ESSOLO.DRV.  09-AUG-00
22225: How to use a VCL class member-function as a Win32 callback.  12-JUN-00
22267: How to install Turbo C++ 3.0 in Windows 98 when recieving a "too many subdirectories" error.  20-JUN-00
22268: ATL Templatized QueryInterface Causes Compiler Errors  20-JUN-00
22394: Why does C++ Builder temporarily freeze over code?  30-JUN-00
22395: C++ Builder and web safe colors  30-JUN-00
22425: ADO Basics: Creating a basic ADO database application  07-JUL-00
22432: How do I rename the "DllEntryPoint" function to "DllMain," which is the convention in some other compilers?  07-JUL-00
22617: TPrinterSetupDialog Access Violation  31-JUL-00
22619: C++Builder will not allow file to be added to project  09-AUG-00
22880: Using an OPENFILENAME structure and GetOpenFilename in Windows 98  17-AUG-00
22940: Can you drag and drop existing SQL structures directly onto a form?  24-AUG-00
22941: How do I prevent the compiler from halting the execution of my application during debugging when it encounters an exception?  24-AUG-00
23055: How do you force Builder to compile a project in straight C?  06-SEP-00
23075: Installing Borland C++ Builder 5 under Windows 2000  07-SEP-00
23148: How do I prevent the user from interacting with a control (e.g Form)?  14-SEP-00
25123: How to create an InterBase application from the Borland C++ IDE  24-JUL-00
25183: Handling the "Capability not supported" error  24-JUL-00
25187: An EDatabase Exception is generated by a Delphi or C++ Builder application  24-JUL-00
25188: Handling BDE Engine Errors  24-JUL-00
25207: Automatically Generating Data to Create Large Tables Using Delphi  24-JUL-00
25213: Handling "General SQL error: violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint . . ." error  24-JUL-00
25276: Vendor Initialization Failed error when trying to start InterBase application  24-JUL-00
25287: SQL Monitor  24-JUL-00
25294: Insufficient memory to complete operation  24-JUL-00
25337: When installing BDE based products they overwrite IB v5 gds32.dll with v4.2.1 dl  24-JUL-00
25360: Setting the BDE DRIVER FLAGS parameter for individual aliases  24-JUL-00
25382: Error installing from InterBase: String variable is not large enough for strin  24-JUL-00
25388: Trying to install InterBase from the C++Builder CD and I dont have ID / Key info  24-JUL-00
25392: Getting 'Error creating cursor handle' when using TStoredProc  24-JUL-00
25415: Linking Errors when using InterBase API with C++Builder 3  24-JUL-00
25435: Can a Delphi Application Connect to an InterBase Database on Any Platform?  24-JUL-00
25594: Is it possible to connect to InterBase from a Delphi app without using the BDE?  24-JUL-00
25617: Performance techniques when using BDE and Delphi TTables with InterBase  24-JUL-00
25619: Do I need Local InterBase on the client machines along with my BDE application?  24-JUL-00
25620: An Introduction to the TBatchMove Component in Delphi and C++ Builder  24-JUL-00
25621: How to create an About Box in Delphi or C++ Builder  24-JUL-00
25625: How to Set Up a C++ Builder or Delphi Form to View InterBase Data  24-JUL-00
25636: Using Form Wizard to Quickly Create a Delphi Form  24-JUL-00
25639: Connecting via ODBC using Delphi or C++ Builder  24-JUL-00
25644: What are Delphi and C++ Builder Action Lists and how do I use them?  24-JUL-00
25645: A possible explanation for 'Name not Unique in this context' errors  24-JUL-00
25669: Can I create stored procedures via Delphi or C++ Builder?  24-JUL-00
25670: How to Use Delphi or C++ Builder to Run a Query in a Text file  24-JUL-00
25679: How to create SQL queries with SQL Builder  24-JUL-00
25704: InterBase array datatype and the BDE  24-JUL-00
25720: Error when compiling C++ app: Type may not be defined here  24-JUL-00
25745: Why can't I display data in descending order in Delphi?  24-JUL-00
25774: I am getting permission denied errors when I run a Delphi or C++ Builder data-aware application.  24-JUL-00
25807: Purpose of the interbase Client32 files  24-JUL-00
25915: BDE Merge Module now available.  25-SEP-00
25926: Resolving linker errors when using TRegistry  26-SEP-00
25945: Is there an easy way to verify pairs of matching braces in the Code Editor?  28-SEP-00
26053: A Simple Example of Automating Outlook  16-OCT-00
26063: Why is the COM object I made for my ASP page not working?  17-OCT-00
26068: Resolving DFM corruption issues with CVS.  17-OCT-00
26084: Resolving strange runtime errors in my VCL enabled console application.  19-OCT-00
26177: How does one programmatically create a database alias?  31-OCT-00
26285: Window Alpha-Channel Transparency  15-NOV-00
26296: Why am I getting access violations using SafeArrays of more than one dimension?  16-NOV-00
26362: Why does my Internet connect launch when I start C++Builder?  27-NOV-00
26379: What are LME linker errors, and how are they resolved?  30-NOV-00
26380: What is this TParser thing and how do I use it?  30-NOV-00
26384: How to Save an Embedded Resource to a File  04-DEC-00
26385: Manually moving non-visual components off the form without using data modules.  04-DEC-00
26442: Must use C++ for STDCOMP.H  14-DEC-00
26453: In Builder, every attempt to compile produces an error message claiming that system.obj cannot be found. Why is this occurring?  18-DEC-00
26474: How do I limit the movement of the mouse cursor?  21-DEC-00
26475: How to draw custom dashed/dotted lines on a canvas.  21-DEC-00
26508: How to expand file wildcards such as *.txt and *.*  28-DEC-00
26516: Why is my MTS object access violating when I install it in COM+?  28-DEC-00
26539: Winsock2 features  04-JAN-01
26544: WSAEWOULDBLOCK error in my socket program  04-JAN-01
26563: How do I split the editor?  05-JAN-01
26570: Multiple declaration errors when including shlobj.h.  05-JAN-01
26573: Accessing Hardware Ports  08-JAN-01
26607: How do I change the destination directory of .hpp files?  11-JAN-01
26614: How do I find a string in a ListBox?  12-JAN-01
26659: How to detect if your application is running under the IDE  18-JAN-01
26667: Saving your project's breakpoint settings.  19-JAN-01
26676: How to find the location of Windows special folders.  22-JAN-01
26677: How to add <PROPERTY> tag support to your ActiveForm  22-JAN-01
26694: Compiled program fails with Win32 Error 1410.  24-JAN-01
26729: How to load an HTML document from a stream into a TCppWebBrowser.  29-JAN-01
26730: Some examples of how to use the TSafeArrayT SAFEARRAY wrappers.  29-JAN-01
26732: How to create a windowless COM LocalServer  29-JAN-01
26772: How to resolve printing problems with TRichEdit on Windows 2000  01-FEB-01
26937: Why am I getting the error "Operation must use an updateable query"?  21-FEB-01
27041: TIBLicensingService component not found on Component Pallet.  09-MAR-01
27114: Find help files reffered to in the C++Builder Quick Start guide.  23-MAR-01
27138: How to create Data Link File with Windows 2000  27-MAR-01
27227: WHERE clause with greater than 256 ANDs or ORs generates size of optimizer block exceeded error  17-APR-01
27266: BDE on multiprocessor machines.  27-APR-01
27321: How to get UpdateMode to work for TQuery on a SQL Server 7.0 table.  15-MAY-01
27343: Unresolved external '_main' referenced from c0x32.obj  25-MAY-01
27380: How hard is it to get my OWL application to compile with C++Builder 5?  01-JUN-01
27400: Borland C++Builder Presales Frequently Asked Questions  12-JUN-01
27406: What do I do if I am getting missing or corrupted file messages?  13-JUN-01
27407: How do I determine if I have a bad CD?  13-JUN-01
27408: C++Builder: Will I have problems installing my C++ under Windows 98?  13-JUN-01
27409: C++Builder: Freezes on the splash screen and / or the icons on the component palette look corrupted  13-JUN-01
27410: C++Builder: error "Application must be run in the Builder environment."   13-JUN-01
27543: How do I set a custom CVS PServer port?  30-JUL-01
27705: TLIB Error Unexpected character '?' in command line  28-AUG-01
27794: C++ Command-line error: "error E2075"  25-SEP-01
27795: C++ Builder install error 117  25-SEP-01
27796: "servers" components documentation  25-SEP-01
27797: error in MSGSRV32.EXE  25-SEP-01
27827: Making changes to my dBase tables causes McAfee to scan tables.  02-OCT-01
28154: Linker Fatal Error unable to locate BPI file.  21-DEC-01
28235: String fields appear doubled to the IDE when connecting to Access tables via ODBC  14-JAN-02
28236: Component properties do not appear in the Translation Manager  14-JAN-02
28321: How to create an example of your problem for Borland Developer Support  31-JAN-02
28322: How to generate steps to reproduce your issue for Borland Developer Support  31-JAN-02
28323: What to have ready before you call Borland Developer Support  31-JAN-02
28433: Merge Module path problems with C++Builder 6  22-FEB-02
28446: Error F1013 Error creating output file  26-FEB-02
28515: Capturing and gracefully handling delay-loaded DLL errors.  15-MAR-02
28520: How do I search backwards in the C++Builder/Delphi editor?  18-MAR-02
28603: Unable to locate PDOXUSRS.NET when using Novell client 4.83  08-APR-02
28605: Project options window and other IDE windows appear too small.  08-APR-02
28616: Getting a result set from an Oracle stored procedure in Delphi or C++Builder.  12-APR-02
28825: Data Express architecture with Borland development tools prior to C++Builder5  28-JUN-02
28826: C++Builder install error 1307  28-JUN-02
28827: C++Builder project version compatibility  28-JUN-02
28828: .bcp file support in Borland C++Builder  28-JUN-02
28829: VCL errors resulting when trying to compile/make/run command-line application  28-JUN-02
28849: SQL Explorer Form isn't Displaying Controls Properly  08-JUL-02
28863: Using TTable generates errors when using Filters  12-JUL-02
28893: How do I change the program icon for a console application?  23-JUL-02
28912: MySQL queries yeild only 10 columns.  25-JUL-02
29200: During installation, Serial Number and Authorization are invalid  18-OCT-02
29221: Cannot find standard header files when compiling Kylix/C++ application  25-OCT-02
29395: Whom should we contact to renew our support or maintenance contract with Borland?  26-DEC-02
29540: Adding InterBase Server Manager to the Tools Menu of Delphi or C++ Builder  15-JAN-03
29844: Cannot install C++ Mobile Edition's Symbian SDK under Windows XP due to missing .msi file  19-MAR-03
29845: Project | Build Symbian Installation System option in C++ Mobile Edition creates bad .PKG and .SIS files  19-MAR-03
29884: What Symbian OS version does C++ Mobile Edition support?  31-MAR-03
29967: Unable to install C++Builder 6 Update 4  22-APR-03

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