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Article #26563: How do I split the editor?


How do I split the editor? I want to be able to compare two files side by side.


The editor in C++Builder 5 and Delphi 5 do not directly support this functionality, but by using multiple edit windows and the Save Desktop feature, you can accomplish the same feat.

Try this:

On Builder/Delphi's main menu, click "View" | "New Edit Window". A new edit window should appear. Close any docked windows you don't need, such as the Class Explorer, and arrange your two edit windows such that they are side by side.

Naturally, you don't want to take the time to rearrange the windows every time you need a split view, so why not save this desktop configuration?

Click "View" | "Desktops" | "Save Desktop...", enter a name such as "Split View", and click OK.

Now, by using either "View" | "Desktops" or the Desktop pull-down menu (it's one of the menu bands on the Builder/Delphi main menu), you can switch between standard single editor view, and split view with a couple of mouse clicks.

Last Modified: 14-MAR-02