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Article #28433: Merge Module path problems with C++Builder 6

Changing the search path for runtime merge modules

InstallShield Express (Borland Limited Edition) users may encounter errors in the operation of that utility due to an issue with the search path for runtime merge modules. This issue affects only C++Builder 6 users who wish to use merge modules. It does not affect Delphi 6.

To correct the problem, you may need to add the MergeModules path to the InstallShield Express section of the Windows Registry, as follows:

  1. Run Regedit.
  2. Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\InstallShield\Express\ 3.0\Project Settings
  3. Double-click the "MMSearchPath" key.
  4. To the end of the existing string value for the MMSearchPath key, add the complete path to your MergeModules directory (e.g., ",c:\program files\Borland\CBuilder6\MergeModules"). Note: The comma before the "c:" is the delimiter for this value.
  5. Close Regedit.
  6. Start (or restart) the ISX IDE.

If the user who installed ISX selects the Customer Information option, "Anyone who uses this computer (all users)", all other users who use ISX on the same machine must start the ISX IDE at least once in order to enable the new registry values.


Warning: Registry edits are performed at your own risk.

Windows provides a tool, the Microsoft Registry Editor (regedit.exe), that is designed specifically for viewing and editing the Windows Registry. Whatever tool you use, you should always back up your registry before editing it, and thorougly familiarize yourself with the editing tool and the registry editing process. The registry is a critical component of your operating system, and any mistakes you make while editing it can cause your machine to stop functioning.

Last Modified: 13-MAR-02