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Article #19448: Error 113 when Installing C++Builder 4

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FAQ4448C.txt — Error 113 when Installing C++Builder 4
Category :Install Issues
Platform :All-32Bit
Product :C++Builder4.x,
When I install C++Builder 4.0 I get an error 113.
Error 113 is because the install program cannot find the
\Runimage directory on the CD-ROM.
The CD-ROM contents must be on the root of a maped drive.
If you are installing from a newtwork drive or from
safe-mode where the contents of the original CD-ROM have
been copied to a hard drive, you will need to make sure
that the \Install and the \Runimage directories
are on the root of the same hard drive.
3/22/99 1:26:17 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99