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Article #19664: General SQL error # 2147221164

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FAQ: FAQ4664B — General SQL error # 2147221164
Category: Database (MSACCESS)
Platform: All-32Bit
Product: All-CBuilder, BC++5.x, C++Builder1.0, C++Builder3.x, C++Builder4.x, Delphi2.x, Delphi3.x, Delphi4.x, VdBase7.x,
How come when I try to connect to my Access database I'm getting a General SQL Error with
an error from the DAO of # 2147221164?
DAO350.DLL is not registered. Reinstalling the DAO will solve the problem in most cases.
7/13/99 10:25:06 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99