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Article #27795: C++ Builder install error 117

Question: I am getting an error: "install error 117..." while trying to install Borland C++ Builder5. The installer stops and says that it cannot continue. What's wrong?


This error results from the cd not being able to be read correctly and/or completely. Unfortunately there were some cds that were shipped which had a very thin chemical film on them. This film inhibits your cd rom drive from reading the cd. In most cases, all that needs to be done is a rigorous, thorough cleaning of the surface of the cd with a household glass cleaner (not water, as it does not have any chemical agents to dissolve the film). It may require two or three cleanings before the cd can be read successfully. If the error persists and cleaning the cd does not seem to help solve the problem, you can email Borland Customer Service at:
or call 1-800-457-9527 and request a new cd.

Last Modified: 25-SEP-01