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Indy10, в Builder 6
Отправлено: 08.02.2007, 10:29

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Разработчики Indy утверждают, что 10 версия уже официально работает в Builder 6. Инструкция по установке (новостная рассылка):

1) Go to Indy's web site.
2) Five pages off the home page, find the installations for Indy10 and
determine that they only apply to Delphi and make zero sense for BCB.
3) Ponder why the instructions say that they are "for BCB" when they
obviously aren't.
4) Observe that the link to the "source code" is "not really recommended".
5) Ponder what the difference between "not recommended" and "not really
recommended" is.
6) See a link to the development snapshot.
7) Ponder why, if "development snapshot" is source code, too, why the
one link is called "source code" which logically means that the
"development snapshot" is something other than "source code".
8) Wonder why the links to the "development snapshots" aren't even on
Indy's own site.
9) Determine that one of the two sites where you can get the
"development snapshot" doesn't work.
10) Figure out that the FTP link to the one remaining site doesn't work.
11) Download the source from the HTTP link to the one remaining site.
12) Search newsgroups to find out how to install.
13) Figure out that you have to run \Lib\FullC6.bat.
14) Oops, that doesn't work. Search newsgroups again.
15) Figure out that I should have compiled computil.dpr first.
16) Compile computil.dpr.
17) Run \Lib\FullC6.bat again.
18) Wonder why a bunch of files named "null" appear in all of the source
folders. Since zero explanation is given for them, hope that they don't
mean something went wrong.
19) Wonder what the messages about not finding *.dcu, *.dcp, and
compile_run mean. Hope that they don't mean something went wrong.
20) Search for the BPLs. Find them in \C6.
21) Discover that there are no HPPs, OBJs, or LIBs.
22) Search the newsgroups again.
23) Find out that there is a switch for dcc32 (-jph) that outputs OBJs
and HPPs.
24) Notice that something similar to this switch (-jphn) was used in the
batch file for Indy9.
25) Wonder why it was not used in the batch file for Indy10.
26) Run "dcc32 /?" and see that "-jph" is not even documented.
27) Decide to try it anyway.
28) Run "dcc32 -jph IndyCore60.dpk".
29) That doesn't work.
30) Figure out that you need to include files in the \System folder.
31) Run "dcc32 -jph -u..\System IndyCore60.dpk".
32) Encounter multiple errors for IdIPAddress.pas (unsupported language
feature, property of array type) and IdReply.pas (unsatisfied forward or
external declaration: TIdReply.SetFormattedReply &
33) Observe that, apparently because of the above errors, only some HPPs
34) Observe that all OBJs were generated.
35) Run "dcc32 -jph IndySystem60.dpk".
36) Observe that all HPPs and OBJs are generated.
37) Start BCB.
38) Add the design-time BPLs to the IDE.
39) Try to add them to a form.
40) Compile and link.
41) Observe that link fails.
42) Manually add OBJs to project.
43) Finally get it to complile.

Может кому-то пригодиться.
Отправлено: 09.02.2007, 20:33

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Замечательно, надо еще раз попробовать:D
После последнего раза Билдер ваще глючить начал, говорит не может найти IndyCore.bpl это при том что про этот файл в билдере нет записей sad.gif
все перерыл и реестр тоже, может кто подскажет где еще пути для модулей прописываются?wink.gif
Отправлено: 09.02.2007, 20:39

Дежурный стрелочник

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Первые 10 пунктов ваще не понял о чем речь wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif

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