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Delphi Frequently Asked Questions

10291: Problems with printing, preview and paper size in Quick Reports.  19-OCT-99
10306: Unidirectional property not supported for all Databases  01-OCT-99
10307: BDE Error 000F  01-OCT-99
10308: Help | About for BDE Admin version 5.1 says version 5.1  01-OCT-99
10309: Blobs are not supported as params for a Stored Proc  01-OCT-99
10310: How do I make a TQuery not use memory as scrolls forward  01-OCT-99
10312: Opening TQuery results in Operation Not Applicable Error  01-OCT-99
10314: Oracle 8.0.5 client is not supported  01-OCT-99
10315: Procedures and Functions in Oracle Packages not listed  01-OCT-99
10317: Different types of dBASE Unique style indexes  01-OCT-99
10318: Table is Full with Paradox Tables  01-OCT-99
10319: TIBQuery.RecordCount doesn't return count of all records  01-OCT-99
10320: Use GetResults to get output params from MSSQL and Sybase  01-OCT-99
10350: Executing Oracle functions  14-OCT-99
10357: How to query dates using Day-Month-Year using local SQL  06-OCT-99
10359: MS SQL Server 7: "Could not find object" or blank fields.  06-OCT-99
10385: Non-blob column in table required to perform operation with Oracle  14-OCT-99
10432: How do I add a system menu item for the "right click" of the application's task bar icon?  15-OCT-99
10452: How to handle exceptions in TThread objects  18-OCT-99
10476: Delphi doesn't run after installing using a Read-Write CD drive  21-OCT-99
15002: 'General SQL Error -2147221164 Table: Alias:<Alias Name>'  15-JUL-98
15004: Application Server Forms  16-JUL-98
15012: 'Syntax error in query. Incomplete query clause'   15-JUL-98
15014: Re-executing export From Table  16-JUL-98
15021: 'Can't delete or change record. Since related record exists in table ='xxx'  15-JUL-98
15023: Files necessary to run Application Server  02-APR-99
15030: Alternate security databases  15-JUL-98
15032: Single and multiple application server instances  16-JUL-98
15039: Other non-BDE file needed to access Microsoft Access databases  15-JUL-98
15041: Locating the servers available in the registry  16-JUL-98
15048: MSACCESS driver and multi-threaded apps  15-JUL-98
15050: Logging in to the remote datamodule  16-JUL-98
15057: Current MSACCESS driver limitations  15-JUL-98
15059: Database login for multiple clients  16-JUL-98
15066: BLObs as SQL input parameters  15-JUL-98
15068: Comparison of Sockets, DCOM, OLE Enterprise  16-JUL-98
15075: files that need to be included with applications using MSACCESS  15-JUL-98
15077: Minimizing Connections  16-JUL-98
15084: 'Cannot Load IDAPI Service Library' error  15-JUL-98
15085: Accessing InterBase thru an AT service   02-JUL-98
15086: Multiple Transports  16-JUL-98
15093: 'Translate error, value out of bounds' error  15-JUL-98
15095: Moving the application server to another machine   16-JUL-98
15102: Paradox slow on some computers and not on others  28-JUL-99
15103: Using Date as a Field Name  02-JUL-98
15104: Using Multiple Servers  16-JUL-98
15111: Paradox table version level  15-JUL-98
15113: Accessing Server Methods from Client  16-JUL-98
15120: BDEAdmin:Invalid Filename for Oracle Server Name  05-OCT-99
15122: Server Termination  16-JUL-98
15131: Un-registering a server  16-JUL-98
15138: BDE network installation  26-MAR-99
15140: Dataset event handlers not fired  16-JUL-98
15147: BDE configuration utility  24-APR-98
15149: Dataset event handlers  16-JUL-98
15156: FoxPro support: capabilities  15-JUL-98
15158: DBCLIENT.DLL  16-JUL-98
15165: Microsoft Access; capabilities  15-JUL-98
15167: Modifying application server SQL from the client.  02-APR-99
15174: SQL Parameter binding  24-APR-98
15176: Displaying a bitmap on the client area of an MDI parent form.  02-APR-99
15183: New functions  15-JUL-98
15185: ServerName property (TMidasConnection or TRemoteServer)  16-JUL-98
15192: ODBC Support  15-JUL-98
15202: Sorting on Calculated fields  16-JUL-98
15211: TClientDataSet, auto-increment fields  16-JUL-98
15218: MS SQL error '17824 Unable to write to ListenOn connection ...  06-OCT-99
15220: TClientDataSet.Data property  16-JUL-98
15227: Performance with two or more queries  06-OCT-99
15236: 'Memo too large' error with MSSQL  06-OCT-99
15238: TCP/IP: TMidasConnection, Socket Server  16-JUL-98
15246: TCP/IP: DCOM Dependency?  16-JUL-98
15253: 'Vendor initialization failure: ORANT71.DLL' error.  15-JUL-98
15255: TCP/IP: Load balancing, OLE Enterprise  16-JUL-98
15262: 'External Exception C0000008' or 'Access Violation'  15-JUL-98
15264: TCP/IP: Retrieving Client IP and Host Name  02-APR-99
15271: error: SYB-12403 ctsend(): user api layer: external error  06-OCT-99
15273: Error: "Application is not licensed to run this feature"  16-JUL-98
15280: 'ct_cursor(CLOSE); user api layer: external error  06-OCT-99
15282: Error: 'Interface not supported'  16-JUL-98
15289: 'External Exception C0000008' error on application exit  06-OCT-99
15291: Error: "Could not find IDataBroker in type library"  16-JUL-98
15299: Error: "Cannot load IDAPI service library"  16-JUL-98
15305: Hetergenious joins  15-JUL-98
15307: Error: "DAX Error — Name not unique in this context"  16-JUL-98
15313: File Extensions for dBASE and Paradox tables  05-OCT-99
15315: Error: "DAX Error class not registered."  16-JUL-98
15321: Unsupported Expression Indexes  15-MAY-98
15323: Error: "EOleSysError : Error loading type library/DLL"  16-JUL-98
15329: 'Insufficient memory for this operation' error  15-JUL-98
15331: Error: 'Missing Data Provider or Data Packet'  16-JUL-98
15337: Sybase SQL Anywhere update mode  13-JUL-99
15339: Error: 'Name Conflicting'  16-JUL-98
15344: Error connecting to an Oracle 7.x server using the Oracle 8 client and BDE 5.  01-SEP-99
15346: Error: 'RPC Server is unavailable'  16-JUL-98
15351: ALTER TABLE statment on Paradox tables removes passwords  15-JUL-98
15353: Error: 'Trying to append data to a non-partial dataset'  16-JUL-98
15359: 'Interface mismatch. Engine version different'  15-JUL-98
15366: Access violation when calling a non-delphi VCL created DLL  15-JUL-98
15372: 'Insufficient memory to complete operation' error  06-OCT-99
15374: Error: 'Windows Socket Error: (10060), on API 'connect?'  16-JUL-98
15379: Access to PDOXUSRS.NET slow with Novell client  05-OCT-99
15381: Connection Checklist  16-JUL-98
15387: 'Invalid BLOb handle' error  05-OCT-99
15389: Displaying a list of constraint error messages  16-JUL-98
15394: Checking for NULL in OnUpdateData handler  16-JUL-98
15401: Benefits of the ConstraintBroker  16-JUL-98
15408: Getting the Win95 Desktop ListView Handle  16-JUL-98
15414: Deploying Midas  16-JUL-98
15420: Table data subset through IProvider   16-JUL-98
15426: TProvider Component vs. Provider Property  16-JUL-98
15432: How do I make changes to the VCL code?  16-JUL-98
15438: Providing lookup capability  16-JUL-98
15443: Reading the autoincrement value of Paradox table  05-OCT-99
15445: MasterSource/MasterFields behavior  16-JUL-98
15450: The ordinal 237 could not be located ..  05-OCT-99
15452: ODBC Constraints  02-APR-99
15457: Problem using Oracle 8 driver(sqlora8.dll) with Oracle 7.x servers  18-AUG-98
15459: Resource Usage  16-JUL-98
15464: How much does MTS improve connect times?  18-AUG-98
15466: Sending a file via DCOM  16-JUL-98
15471: Phanton records appear on post  05-OCT-99
15473: Error: 'DAX Error — Name not unique in this context'  16-JUL-98
15479: Error: 'DAX Error class not registered.'  16-JUL-98
15484: Vendor Init with Oracle   18-AUG-98
15486: Error: 'EOleSysError : Error loading type library/DLL'  16-JUL-98
15492: Error: 'General SQL Error : Connection does not exist' in threaded application  16-JUL-98
15497: General SQL Error, Can't load MSJTER32.DLL  05-OCT-99
15499: Error: 'Interface not supported'  16-JUL-98
15504: Single Tier Applications  16-JUL-98
15509: Preventing windows task switching   16-JUL-98
15514: Using Stored Procedures  16-JUL-98
15519: Testing IDispatch Descendants  16-JUL-98
15524: Where to get TUpdateSQLProvider component  16-JUL-98
15529: Drag and Drop with Files  16-JUL-98
15534: Getting a handle on your files  16-JUL-98
15539: TSocketDispatcher  16-JUL-98
15544: How to use the TUpdateSQLProvider.OnUpdateRecord method  16-JUL-98
15549: About Deploying DBClient in a Web Application  16-JUL-98
15554: Retrieving a long file name from the command line.  16-JUL-98
15559: Getting the local internet machine name and IP address.  02-APR-99
15564: Using global values in your application.  16-JUL-98
15569: What is Delphi/400 Client Server Suite?  30-MAR-99
15574: Hiding your application from the Windows Taskbar.  16-JUL-98
15580: Using an animated cursor.  16-JUL-98
15585: More Info on Delphi/400 Client Server Suite  30-MAR-99
15597: Retrieving a users login name.  06-JAN-00
15603: Changing the papersize of a print job.  02-APR-99
15609: Purchasing Delphi/400 Client Server Suite  01-APR-99
15615: Creating a rotated font.  16-JUL-98
15621: Converting from Long to Short file names and paths  16-JUL-98
15627: Making text background transparent  16-JUL-98
15633: Getting user name and company info from Windows.  16-JUL-98
15639: Getting the serial number of a disk.  16-JUL-98
15645: Executing a program from my application  16-JUL-98
15651: Writing a raw string of data to the printer.  28-JUN-99
15657: Multi-Threaded ISAPI DLLs  02-APR-99
15663: InterBase access from a web server application  02-APR-99
15669: Where can I find evaluation copies of Delphi/400 Client Server Suite?  01-APR-99
15675: Upgrade to Delphi/400 for Delphi Developer users  30-MAR-99
15681: Technical Support for Delphi/400  01-APR-99
15687: Benefits to AS/400 developers and users  30-MAR-99
15693: How does Delphi/400 complement and add to Borland's strategy?  30-MAR-99
15705: Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements  01-APR-99
15711: Displaying the selected row of a DBGrid in a different color  16-JUL-98
15717: inserting contents of a file at current position in TMemo  16-JUL-98
15729: Using the LzExpand functions in your applications  16-JUL-98
15735: Changing the display mode settings in code.  16-JUL-98
15741: How many colors will my display mode support  16-JUL-98
15747: Generating a Windows Console Application  16-JUL-98
15753: Opening an explorer window to a given folder  16-JUL-98
15759: Prevent the TEdit component from beeping when invalid  16-JUL-98
15765: Parameter value not in allowed range  16-JUL-98
15771: Maping a DLL into another process  16-JUL-98
15777: Deleting a directory and all the directories files  16-JUL-98
15783: Changing the default width/height of the editor  16-JUL-98
15789: Getting a list of the available drives on a system  16-JUL-98
15795: Adding a document to the Windows 95 Start Button's documents  16-JUL-98
15801: Retrieving the program that is associated with a given extension  16-JUL-98
15807: Using Ampersands inside Delphi.  21-MAR-00
15812: "Error reading symbol file." error  16-JUL-98
15818: Executing a '.LNK' file  16-JUL-98
15824: How can I change the drive that MediaPlayer uses to play Audio  16-JUL-98
15830: Creating a delay without a timer.   16-JUL-98
15836: Converting a color to its VCL string value  16-JUL-98
15842: Using escape codes with the format() function  16-JUL-98
15848: Aligning maximized forms  16-JUL-98
15854: Working with Floating Point, Double, Single, Real, Extended types  16-JUL-98
15860: 'Tried to search marked block but is invalid' error  16-JUL-98
15866: Displaying the first frame of an AVI File  16-JUL-98
15872: How can I retrieve a list of assigned properties  16-JUL-98
15878: Save and load metafiles in a BLOB field without using DBImage  16-JUL-98
15884: How can I test if a given string contains a valid number?  16-JUL-98
15890: Creating a palette with more than one entry  16-JUL-98
15896: How can I easily move a Window control at runtime?  16-JUL-98
15902: Detecting what direction a printer will rotate for a portrait  02-APR-99
15908: Removing a forms caption bar?  16-JUL-98
15914: Determining if a given printer is capable of printing a PostScript file  02-APR-99
15919: How can I create a dynamic array of TPoints to draw a polygon?  16-JUL-98
15924: How can I prevent the user from moving or sizing my form?  16-JUL-98
15930: Detecting if the PrintScreen key has been pressed  16-JUL-98
15936: Setting the MaxPage property of the PrintDialog component  16-JUL-98
15942: Trap scrolling messages for the ScrollBars of a TScrollBox  16-JUL-98
15948: Embedding a page break in the Rich Edit control  16-JUL-98
15954: How can I disable the Delphi / Borland C++ Builder splash screen  16-JUL-98
15960: adjusting the tab location in a TMemo component  16-JUL-98
15966: The TDateTime component commonly ignores key input  16-JUL-98
15972: Color reduction techniques for graphics.  16-JUL-98
15978: Changing the font style of a dbgrid row  16-JUL-98
15984: Get a count and list all the controls on a TNoteBook  16-JUL-98
15990: Changing the background color of Text  16-JUL-98
15996: Displaying a 24 bit True Color bitmap image on a 256 color display  16-JUL-98
16002: Data segment too large error.  16-JUL-98
16008: Turning an low power compliant monitor off?  16-JUL-98
16019: Intercepting the Ctrl-V key in a TMemo  16-JUL-98
16025: Subclass the window procedure for a TForm  16-JUL-98
16031: Does Delphi have an equivalent for the VB function DoEvents?  16-JUL-98
16037: How can I capture an image from a video source?  16-JUL-98
16043: Control Panel Applets  16-JUL-98
16049: Auto increment Build Number  16-JUL-98
16055: Avoiding an Application Error when using EM_POSFROMCHAR  16-JUL-98
16061: Can I use the AssignPrn method to write directly to a port?  02-APR-99
16067: CopyCursor  16-JUL-98
16073: Selection rectangle  16-JUL-98
16079: Draw on frame  16-JUL-98
16085: Object Inspector and Enter Key  16-JUL-98
16091: EnumFontFamilies()  02-APR-99
16097: How can I assign a file variable in a Record?  16-JUL-98
16103: Creating a flashing icon  16-JUL-98
16109: Getting the Printer driver and port name from TPrinter's  02-APR-99
16115: Getting the printing margin of the page  02-APR-99
16121: Retrieving the line number that a memo's cursor is on.  16-JUL-98
16127: How can I avoid an access violation when using the move procedure  16-JUL-98
16133: Using Resident Font  16-JUL-98
16139: Printing in Delphi without using the TPrinter Unit  02-APR-99
16145: Arrow and Function Keys  16-JUL-98
16151: How can I convert a .dfm file to text and vise versa.  16-JUL-98
16157: Getting the time and date in Universal Time  16-JUL-98
16163: Adjusting form size to accommodate a required client size  16-JUL-98
16169: Querying the Audio Cd Autorun feature of Win32  16-JUL-98
16175: Testing/setting the CD autorun option under Win32  16-JUL-98
16181: Storing/Playing an .AVI file in a database  16-JUL-98
16193: Setting comm port configuration programmatically under Win95  16-JUL-98
16199: Changing com port config via Win95 CommConfig Dialog  16-JUL-98
16211: Sending an image to the printer  16-JUL-98
16217: Using TClientDataSet with local data  16-JUL-98
16223: 'Duplicate resource' error  16-JUL-98
16229: Adding hint windows to applications  16-JUL-98
16235: Using InvalidateRect()to repaint the entire form  16-JUL-98
16241: Using mouse_event() to similate mouse events  16-JUL-98
16247: Painting a rainbow color spectrum onto a form  16-JUL-98
16253: Notifying applications that the registry has changed  16-JUL-98
16259: Turning the screen saver off?  16-JUL-98
16265: Stopping TScrollbar button from blinking  16-JUL-98
16271: Where is SYNCOBJS.pas unit?  16-JUL-98
16277: Creating temporary canvas   16-JUL-98
16283: TTimer not firing at correct interval  16-JUL-98
16289: Error Setting Exception Debug Hook  16-JUL-98
16295: Working with objects and functions in other units  16-JUL-98
16301: Programmatically closing another application  16-JUL-98
16307: Formatting a drive under Win32  16-JUL-98
16313: Disabling the Win95 start button  16-JUL-98
16319: Determining minor version number  16-JUL-98
16325: Inserting a file at the cursor  16-JUL-98
16331: Indenting a block of code  16-JUL-98
16337: Controlling shortcut keystrokes in a string grid  16-JUL-98
16343: Disabling ALT-F4 to prevent form closing  16-JUL-98
16349: Prevent window update  16-JUL-98
16355: Preventing multiple application instances  16-JUL-98
16361: Programatically installing printer driver  16-JUL-98
16367: Simultaneous printing to multiple printers  02-APR-99
16373: Stack Overflow, Runtime error 202;  16-JUL-98
16379: Closing popup menu in system tray application  16-JUL-98
16385: Keeping a glyph's transparent area transparent.  16-JUL-98
16390: Transparent property to work for a CoolBar background bitmap  16-JUL-98
16395: How can I determining if a given machine has a math coprocessor.  16-JUL-98
16400: How can I dial out through the modem under Win32?  16-JUL-98
16405: Retrieving BDE system information  16-JUL-98
16409: What does the error 'Token not found'  02-JUL-98
16410: How can I use a true DWORD value passed to my Delphi application?  16-JUL-98
16415: Going to the next compiler error  16-JUL-98
16420: Changing the input caret  16-JUL-98
16425: Is there any way to record a keyboard macro in the IDE?  16-JUL-98
16430: How can I tell in code if my application is running on Windows NT  16-JUL-98
16435: How can I detect if a given key was pressed during application during startup?  16-JUL-98
16440: Duplicate resource errors  16-JUL-98
16445: How can I detect if a non-menu key has been pressed?  16-JUL-98
16450: Changing the default project directory  16-JUL-98
16455: Getting bin names from your printer  02-APR-99
16460: Changing the port of a printer  02-APR-99
16465: Getting the actual size of a TComboBox  16-JUL-98
16470: Converting a number from one base to another  16-JUL-98
16475: Getting printer capabilities  02-APR-99
16480: Changing the location of the object repository  16-JUL-98
16485: Getting property information  16-JUL-98
16490: Moving controls at runtime  16-JUL-98
16495: re-mark a Delphi 16-Bit executable to be a Windows 4.0 application  02-APR-99
16500: Does Delphi have an equivalent to the Visual Basic SendKeys function?  16-JUL-98
16505: Using Tapi  16-JUL-98
16510: Setting custom tabstops in a ListBox.  16-JUL-98
16515: Compile Error: Too many files open  16-JUL-98
16520: How can I create a transparent form?  16-JUL-98
16525: Using WM_COPYDATA.  16-JUL-98
16527: Borland Assist for Delphi/400  30-JAN-02
16530: Selecting a cell in a DBGrid  16-JUL-98
16535: Trapping non client areas  16-JUL-98
16545: Changing the printer setup between pages  02-APR-99
16550: Text in Windows metafiles  16-JUL-98
16555: How can I get the serial number of an Audio CD?  16-JUL-98
16560: Error: 'Mismatch in datapacket'  16-JUL-98
16565: Accessing new interfaces in a RemoteDataModule  16-JUL-98
16575: Reassigning events at runtime  16-JUL-98
16580: Showing two forms allowing the first to retain focus   16-JUL-98
16585: Disabling close button of a window  16-JUL-98
16595: Creating a Resource only DLL  16-JUL-98
16600: Deleting an executable while it is running  16-JUL-98
16605: Windows Dialer dials out when I am already connected to the internet  02-APR-99
16610: displaying an application associated icons  16-JUL-98
16615: getting DLL function parameter listings  16-JUL-98
16620: Loading a locale file into the THTML component  02-APR-99
16625: Printing a web page using the HTML control  02-APR-99
16630: Illegal Operation, Windows Lockup, IDE  16-JUL-98
16635: doing work while application is Idle  16-JUL-98
16640: passing functions/procedure to other functions/procedures  16-JUL-98
16645: printing a TStringGrid or a TDBGrid  02-APR-99
16650: printing in color  02-APR-99
16655: rotating a Metafile  16-JUL-98
16660: saving TFont information  16-JUL-98
16664: Colored text on a TStatusBar  16-JUL-98
16668: Typecasting  16-JUL-98
16672: IDE highlighting the incorrect line  16-JUL-98
16676: Determining the version/release of Delphi 3  01-APR-99
16680: Component Palette Corruption Problems  16-JUL-98
16683: Runtime Error 255  02-APR-99
16687: Doing a complete reinstallation of Delphi 3  02-APR-99
16691: Calls to the abort method fail to compile  16-JUL-98
16695: Changing the main form of an app. at runtime  16-JUL-98
16699: Showing dbgrid is disabled  16-JUL-98
16703: Detecting the full path/filename of a DLL  16-JUL-98
16707: Programmatically dropping down a menu  16-JUL-98
16711: Executing the explorer find file dialog  16-JUL-98
16715: Radiogroups and focus  16-JUL-98
16719: Trapping the Windows system key 'PrintScreen'  16-JUL-98
16723: Accessing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE under NT without Admin. rights  16-JUL-98
16727: Detecting how many jobs are in the print spooler  16-JUL-98
16731: Bitwise AND evaluates different under Delphi 3  16-JUL-98
16735: Dialogs displaying 'No to all' button instead of mbHelp  16-JUL-98
16739: '$2109 Cannot initalize the BDE' error when deploying InstallShield application  16-JUL-98
16743: Raize components: 'Can't Load Package' error  16-JUL-98
16747: Local InterBase: 'Internal Error; Near: query shellmgr' error  02-APR-99
16751: Cannot write EXE or DLL to disk.  16-JUL-98
16754: How can I have a TBitBtn component that has a word wrapped caption?  16-JUL-98
16758: Bitmaps and captions on TBitBtn  16-JUL-98
16762: Detecting print errors  02-APR-99
16766: Disabling system menu in code  16-JUL-98
16770: Avoiding flicker on DrawCell  16-JUL-98
16774: How can I determine the names of the installed comm ports?  16-JUL-98
16778: Extracting Icons  16-JUL-98
16782: Adjusting number and with of columns in a TFileListBox  16-JUL-98
16786: Notifying forms of global changes  16-JUL-98
16790: How can I activate different hints for each cell in a grid  16-JUL-98
16794: Dynamically drawing a transparent image  16-JUL-98
16797: which rows have been selected in a TDBGrid  02-JUL-98
16798: Porting strings from 16 to 32-bit  16-JUL-98
16801: Distributing IDAPI with your EXE  02-JUL-98
16802: Overwrite in TMemo and TEdit  16-JUL-98
16806: Small bitmaps in a TPopUpMenu  16-JUL-98
16810: Refreshing the windows desktop  16-JUL-98
16814: Explaination of rounding  16-JUL-98
16818: StretchDraw on an icon  16-JUL-98
16822: How can I determine the week number of a given day in the year?  16-JUL-98
16825: How do I change a specific IDAPI configuration setting?   02-JUL-98
16826: Sending a message to all controls on a form  16-JUL-98
16830: Resizing an array  16-JUL-98
16834: How can I place a string that is padded with spaces into a  16-JUL-98
16838: Timed beeps from the PC speaker  16-JUL-98
16841: TQuery, error 'Creating Cursor handle'  13-MAY-98
16842: How can I place a bitmap in a Metafile?  16-JUL-98
16845: What are IDAPI and SQL links  02-JUL-98
16846: Images conflicts between different versions of IE  16-JUL-98
16849: Informix Support  02-JUL-98
16850: Debugging into the VCL source code  16-JUL-98
16854: Big-endian and little-endian formated integers  16-JUL-98
16858: Displaying documents in the default browser  02-APR-99
16861: Mask edit for TDBEdit controls  02-JUL-98
16862: Disabling Full Window Drag  16-JUL-98
16865: Packing dBase tables  02-JUL-98
16866: MaxLength property of a DBEdit is not automatically set  16-JUL-98
16869: How can I assign a Null value to a numeric field in a table?  02-JUL-98
16870: How can I get the default Windows folders  16-JUL-98
16873: Getting current record from a TDBGrid  02-JUL-98
16874: Changing the font in a hint window  16-JUL-98
16878: Converting a TColor value to a HTML Color string  02-APR-99
16881: What is the equivalent in BCB to a Pdox TCursor  02-JUL-98
16882: Using JPEGs from resource files  16-JUL-98
16885: error Index out of range with TTable FindNearest or FindKey  02-JUL-98
16886: System Modal Windows on WinNT  16-JUL-98
16889: error initializing Database engine  02-JUL-98
16890: Playing MPEG files in Delphi apps  16-JUL-98
16894: Running apps on Windows startup  16-JUL-98
16898: Alloting CPU time  16-JUL-98
16902: Yielding cycles to other applications  16-JUL-98
16905: creating indexes with the TTable create function  02-JUL-98
16906: Reducing the resource requirements of TNotebook and TTabbedNotebook  16-JUL-98
16909: Accessing MS Access data with BCB  02-JUL-98
16910: Changing the root key  16-JUL-98
16913: Is there a programmatic way to add an alias to the IDAPI.CFG   02-JUL-98
16914: Show a AVI clip in full screen zoom mode  16-JUL-98
16917: Max Fields for dBase & Paradox Tables  02-JUL-98
16918: Play an AVI file that has sound, silently  16-JUL-98
16922: Error warnings too long  16-JUL-98
16925: TTable AddIndex() with ixUnique and Paradox tables  02-JUL-98
16926: Flush binary file from disk cache to disk  16-JUL-98
16929: How do I do a locate on a non-indexed field?  02-JUL-98
16930: Determine the last access time of a given file  28-JUN-99
16933: using return instead of tab or mouse to move off a control  02-JUL-98
16934: Formatting and displaying integers with commas  16-JUL-98
16938: Create hints for Menu items  16-JUL-98
16942: Native Access driver and ISAPI/NSAPI  02-APR-99
16945: Problems with MS Access  02-JUL-98
16949: Clearing the window in a console application  16-JUL-98
16953: Changing the owner of a component at runtime  16-JUL-98
16957: Accessing a grid's column/row by name  16-JUL-98
16960: Converting ASCII files to Paradox tables  02-JUL-98
16961: Reducing flicker on component redraw  16-JUL-98
16965: Assigning a comp type to an integer  16-JUL-98
16969: Testing if you are connected to the internet  02-APR-99
16972: Rebuilding Paradox Index files  02-JUL-98
16973: Seting the number of fixed columns in a TDbGrid  16-JUL-98
16977: Changing the default form size  16-JUL-98
16981: Getting the handle of a Window containing a DOS box  16-JUL-98
16985: Refreshing the TDriveComboBox drive list  16-JUL-98
16989: Removing drives listed in a TDriveComboBox  16-JUL-98
16993: Determining if you have Delphi v3.02 installed  01-APR-99
16996: Defining PRIMARYLANGID(), SUBLANGID(), and MAKELANGID() macros  16-JUL-98
17000: Forcing edit mode in a TListView via a keypress  16-JUL-98
17004: Differences between Create(Self) and Create(Application)  16-JUL-98
17008: Using the Shell API function SHBrowseForFolder()   16-JUL-98
17012: Adding accelerator characters to TTabsheets  16-JUL-98
17016: Limiting the amount of text entered in a TEdit  16-JUL-98
17020: Detecting if the system time has been changed  16-JUL-98
17024: Trapping for when a user is done resizing a window  16-JUL-98
17028: Using the WIN API high resolution performance counter  16-JUL-98
17032: Keyboard shortcut to a component that has no caption  16-JUL-98
17036: Getting modem status under Win32  16-JUL-98
17039: BDE 4.51 causes Application Error  02-JUL-98
17040: Disabling a radio button in a TRadioGroup  16-JUL-98
17044: Click a speed button in code  16-JUL-98
17048: What is the tag property useful for?  16-JUL-98
17052: Using an instance of TPrinter  16-JUL-98
17056: Customizing TTrackBar  16-JUL-98
17060: Detecting tab key press  16-JUL-98
17064: adding system menu items to a form  16-JUL-98
17068: Resizing StringGrid Columns  16-JUL-98
17071: Endless looping with the TMediaPlayer  16-JUL-98
17075: Frame count of an AVI  16-JUL-98
17079: drawing transparent text onto a TBitmap  16-JUL-98
17083: displaying seconds, minutes, tracks of an AVI  16-JUL-98
17087: Clearing the contents of a Canvas  16-JUL-98
17091: Shift, Ctrl, Alt key checking  16-JUL-98
17095: making a Delphi DLL with as little in the uses clause as possible  16-JUL-98
17099: Moving a form by clicking in its client area  16-JUL-98
17103: Keeping an application minimized  16-JUL-98
17107: Clearing the recent Documents from the Start Menu  16-JUL-98
17110: Changing RichEdit Font styles with HotKey combinations  16-JUL-98
17114: using the Lookup method to return values from multiple columns  16-JUL-98
17118: Copying files using the Standard Windows Copy file dialog box  16-JUL-98
17122: Using an Icon as the Glyph in a TSpeedButton  16-JUL-98
17126: Getting stronger type checking  16-JUL-98
17130: Getting a string representation of a Windows error code  16-JUL-98
17134: Getting the path to the directory where Windows was installed from  16-JUL-98
17138: responding when the user minimizes or maximizes a Form  16-JUL-98
17142: Creating a custom word break procedure  16-JUL-98
17146: Creating a Lookup field at runtime  16-JUL-98
17150: 'Object not found' with STANDARD database  16-JUL-98
17154: Sharing data dictionaries  16-JUL-98
17158: 'Your application is not enabled for use with this driver' error  16-JUL-98
17162: open or create a project using the TReport component  16-JUL-98
17166: Specify a DefaultExpression for a TField object  16-JUL-98
17170: Getting values in a TDBGrid before they are posted  16-JUL-98
17174: Invalid class string' error during connect  16-JUL-98
17178: 'Cannot load IDAPI service library' error during connect  16-JUL-98
17182: Remote datasets for multiple clients  16-JUL-98
17186: Error reading Database1.SessionName  02-APR-99
17190: Error reading Session1.SessionName  02-APR-99
17194: Client application hang  16-JUL-98
17198: 'Provider name was not recognized by the server' error  16-JUL-98
17202: 'Could not find interface IDataBroker in type library' error  16-JUL-98
17206: Blank form at design or run time  16-JUL-98
17210: Saving a QuickReport custom preview to text  16-JUL-98
17214: TQRExpr does not recognize DisplyFormat settings  16-JUL-98
17218: Automating Word 7  16-JUL-98
17221: How to use Access97 drivers with BDE 4.51  02-JUL-98
17222: New methods not showing in code insight window  16-JUL-98
17226: 'EOleSys..operation unavailable' error  16-JUL-98
17230: Access violations with VC++ created OCX controls  16-JUL-98
17234: 'Error saving I(Interface)'  16-JUL-98
17238: 'Error 0: RLINK32 error opening file (TypeLibrary).tlb' error  16-JUL-98
17242: ActiveForms not displaying in Internet Explorer  16-JUL-98
17245: Keeping the Local IBServer from starting up automatically  13-MAY-98
17246: How can I get serial number of my drive  16-JUL-98
17250: 'TActiveFormX declaration missing or incorrect' error  16-JUL-98
17254: Missing ProviderName in TClientDataSet  02-APR-99
17258: Propagating constraints from middle-tier to client  02-APR-99
17262: 'DAX Error: Unexpected failure.' error  16-JUL-98
17266: Determining Drive Type  16-JUL-98
17270: Client launching  02-APR-99
17274: 'DAX Error: Server execution failed' error  16-JUL-98
17278: 'DAX Error: Access is denied' error  16-JUL-98
17282: Old ActiveForm information displayed  02-APR-99
17286: What directory is the ActiveForm in  02-APR-99
17290: How do I launch the Control Panel (and its applets)  16-JUL-98
17294: 'Invalid filename' error  28-JUN-99
17298: 'Invalid configuration parameter for alias  28-JUN-99
17302: Conditional defines for all Delphi versions  02-APR-99
17306: Launching a web browser  02-APR-99
17310: TClientSocket and TServerSocket  02-APR-99
17314: Installing old Delphi 2 components  02-APR-99
17318: Rebuilding components  16-JUL-98
17322: Using Visual Basic arrays in Delphi  02-APR-99
17326: Specify an overlay image for a node in a treeview  16-JUL-98
17330: Opening an application's help file  16-JUL-98
17334: TToolBar and TSpeedButton misaligned  02-APR-99
17338: Intel's Lan Desk management Suite causes lockup  16-JUL-98
17341: Where is CERTINST.DOC ?  02-JUL-98
17342: Declaring a SafeArray in the type library editor  16-JUL-98
17346: Setting a transparent background color for TImageList  16-JUL-98
17350: DBGrid fixed leftmost column  16-JUL-98
17354: Component palette shown incorrectly — Matrox Millenium card  02-APR-99
17358: Using FindFirst to search for files.  16-JUL-98
17362: Getting an handle to a window in another application.  16-JUL-98
17366: Using an AVI file with TAnimate  02-APR-99
17370: Migrating a project from Delphi 1 or 2 to Delphi 3  16-JUL-98
17378: Checking drive ready status.  16-JUL-98
17382: External function failure when passing boolean parms.  16-JUL-98
17386: No default printer selected error message.  02-APR-99
17390: Creating a non-VCL console project.  16-JUL-98
17394: Printing to file.  02-APR-99
17398: Getting the longfilename from a file.  16-JUL-98
17406: Getting the filename and path of a local table.  16-JUL-98
17410: Temporarily turning off range checking.  16-JUL-98
17414: Getting the taskbar handle.  16-JUL-98
17418: Why am I having trouble displaying and/or printing a very large bitmap?  21-MAR-00
17422: Copying a information from one memo field to another using TBlobStream  16-JUL-98
17426: Broadcasting a message.  16-JUL-98
17430: Registering a file extension and context menu operations  16-JUL-98
17434: Custom InPlace Editor in StringGrid  16-JUL-98
17438: Delphi starup failure.  16-JUL-98
17442: Creating Non-Visual Components Without Icons  16-JUL-98
17446: Compiler options.  16-JUL-98
17450: Turning on Screen saver with code.  16-JUL-98
17454: Returning application's exit code.  16-JUL-98
17458: Extracting an icon from a .exe or .dll.  16-JUL-98
17462: Determining if Delphi Running.  16-JUL-98
17466: Checking if TrueType fonts are available.  16-JUL-98
17470: Why Delphi drawing functions draw one pixel short.  16-JUL-98
17474: Recompiling complib.   16-JUL-98
17478: KeyStrokes: Opening files in Delphi editor.  16-JUL-98
17482: Getting the Windows version in code?  16-JUL-98
17486: How do I create a power function?  16-JUL-98
17490: Local Interbase Startup Configuration.  02-APR-99
17494: Preventing Components from Resizing  16-JUL-98
17498: Embedding a quite in a string.  16-JUL-98
17502: How do I restart Windows in code.  16-JUL-98
17506: Implementing the VB TwipsPerPixel in Delphi  03-AUG-99
17510: Converting 16bit resource to 32bit.  16-JUL-98
17514: Creating resource files.  16-JUL-98
17518: Using the WinApi GetObject to get a bitmap.  16-JUL-98
17522: calling windows Beep() function  16-JUL-98
17526: Performing undo on an edit control.  16-JUL-98
17533: Embedding a copyright symbol in a string?  16-JUL-98
17537: Adding TrueType fonts to windows in code.  16-JUL-98
17544: Converting resources from 16bit to 32bit.  16-JUL-98
17547: TDateTime does not set the field out of 1900  13-MAY-98
17548: Copying contents of a control to the clipboard.  16-JUL-98
17552: Checking available disk space on large drives.  16-JUL-98
17555: Dropping a combobox's list in code.  16-JUL-98
17559: Setting a form's maxwidth in code.  16-JUL-98
17563: Getting the windows directory.  16-JUL-98
17567: Getting the size of the desktop.  16-JUL-98
17571: Hiding the windows taskbar.  16-JUL-98
17575: Keeping an application in a minimized state?  16-JUL-98
17582: Getting the current line number of a TMemo?  16-JUL-98
17591: Calling DeleteFile function  16-JUL-98
17595: Using far pointers.  16-JUL-98
17599: String Trim functions.  16-JUL-98
17603: Virtual key constants.  16-JUL-98
17607: Changing the Windows wallpaper in code?  02-APR-99
17610: Passing TPrinter handle to GetDeviceCaps()  16-JUL-98
17614: Memo Input and line breaks.  16-JUL-98
17618: Changing windows default printer in code.  02-APR-99
17622: Raster operations.  16-JUL-98
17626: How do I create a Resource only DLL?  16-JUL-98
17630: Using GetTimeZoneInformation() function?  16-JUL-98
17634: Trying to delete a running .exe?   16-JUL-98
17638: Determining is a canvas is a Metafile Canvas?  16-JUL-98
17641: Access97 ODBC with BDE 4.51  02-JUL-98
17642: Disabling autodial when using internet controls.  02-APR-99
17646: Displaying a file's associated icon.  16-JUL-98
17649: Can I get function params from a dll.  16-JUL-98
17653: Loading a local html file in the HTML control  02-APR-99
17657: Printing a WEB page with the HTML control?  02-APR-99
17661: Preventing system lockup in Win95.  16-JUL-98
17665: Using the Application's OnIdle Event.  16-JUL-98
17669: EHNRTRW.DLL not found  01-APR-99
17673: 'Index List' error  01-APR-99
17677: Passing a function to a procedure or vice versa.  16-JUL-98
17681: How do I Print a TStringGrid / TDBGrid?  16-JUL-98
17685: How do I print in color?  16-JUL-98
17692: Saving a TFont Object.  16-JUL-98
17696: Listbox selected property  16-JUL-98
17700: Getting a list of valid time zones from windows.  16-JUL-98
17704: What types of Routers are able to be used?  01-APR-99
17707: Deploying the BDE: InstallShield can't find BDE drivers  08-JUN-98
17708: BCD Number Truncate to only 4 Decimal Places  02-APR-99
17712: Requirements for running CO400INS  01-APR-99
17716: Changing font color on standard win controls.  16-JUL-98
17720: Typecasting a PChar to a longint.  16-JUL-98
17724: How do I use Paths and Geometric Pens?  16-JUL-98
17728: How do I convert a color to a shade of gray?  16-JUL-98
17732: Overcomming Stream read error.  16-JUL-98
17736: Drawing in scale without using Windows Mapping Modes?  16-JUL-98
17740: How can I eject a CD-ROM in code?  16-JUL-98
17744: Extracting RGB components of a color.  16-JUL-98
17748: How do I create an icon from a bitmap?  21-MAR-00
17752: How do I create a bitmap from an icon?  16-JUL-98
17756: Does my CD-ROM Drive contain an Audio CD?  16-JUL-98
17759: How can I tell if the mouse is over my form?  16-JUL-98
17763: Is my machine connected to the network.  16-JUL-98
17767: Storing icons in your application for use at runtime?  16-JUL-98
17771: How do I draw using LoEnglish Mapping Modes?  16-JUL-98
17774: Non VCL Bitmap buffering   16-JUL-98
17777: Positioning the caret in an edit control.  16-JUL-98
17780: Color problems in 256 color mode.  16-JUL-98
17784: How do I recurse sub directories?  16-JUL-98
17787: Sending a file to the Windows Recycle Bin?  16-JUL-98
17791: Justifying edit text.   16-JUL-98
17798: Read and BlockRead file function failure in 32bit.  16-JUL-98
17800: Record alignment in 32bit pascal.  16-JUL-98
17804: Calling windows RegisterClass function.  16-JUL-98
17807: Sending keystroke #255 to a windows control.  16-JUL-98
17810: TQuery RequestLive results in error "Table/View does not exist."  04-AUG-98
17811: Freeing an object stored in a list.  16-JUL-98
17814: StrPCopy and long strings  16-JUL-98
17818: How can I draw directly on the Windows Desktop?  16-JUL-98
17822: Copying a 400 table to a different type of table.  01-APR-99
17825: CO400 and AnyNet  01-APR-99
17828: Making ini file changes permanent.  16-JUL-98
17831: Nested fields in DBGrid  16-JUL-98
17834: Covert string of (zeros and ones) to binary.  16-JUL-98
17836: Bad PC First port on line1  01-APR-99
17838: Finding the version info for OS/400  01-APR-99
17841: Linking an animated cursor to a resource file.  21-MAR-00
17845: DataSetFields don't display in Nested Table  16-JUL-98
17848: External Exception EEFFACE when connecting  18-AUG-98
17849: Adding install to Win95 Add/Remove programs.  16-JUL-98
17852: Query with a string does not work properly  01-APR-99
17855: CO400INS library created, not CO400  01-APR-99
17857: PtInRegion pixel function   16-JUL-98
17859: F004 Error  01-APR-99
17861: How can I close the CD Tray in code?  16-JUL-98
17863: Setting break on exception in Delphi 4  01-APR-99
17865: Where is "View | Project Source"  01-APR-99
17867: Creating a file association for my application?  16-JUL-98
17869: How to move Client Objects to a different AS/400  01-APR-99
17871: Simulating a mouse move in code.  16-JUL-98
17873: Viewing currently loaded DLLs/Modules from within Delphi 4  01-APR-99
17875: Delphi .dcu format  16-JUL-98
17877: 'Setup cannot find any system', using SNA Server   01-APR-99
17879: Detecting display changes.  16-JUL-98
17881: Executing and application by extention.  16-JUL-98
17883: Handling command line params with spaces  16-JUL-98
17885: Transfer initialization (1) =error 55  01-APR-99
17887: Creating new constructors  16-JUL-98
17889: Reading dos environment variables  16-JUL-98
17891: Not authorized to use RSTLIB command  01-APR-99
17893: Protection Error  01-APR-99
17895: Getting the Lowest common denominator.  16-JUL-98
17897: Delphi/400 requires QSECOFR login  01-APR-99
17899: Placing multiple copies of a component on a form.  16-JUL-98
17901: How do I launch a control panel applet?  16-JUL-98
17903: APPC Allocate Error No retry  01-APR-99
17905: Integer to 'Binary String'  16-JUL-98
17907: Detecting PlugNPlay hardware changes?  16-JUL-98
17909: Launching your default browser on a URL.  16-JUL-98
17911: Creating a Win95 Shell icon application.  16-JUL-98
17913: Making sure changes survive a power failure  16-JUL-98
17915: Calculating a point using angles and distance  16-JUL-98
17917: Calculating an angle from two points  16-JUL-98
17919: Changing delphi default directory  16-JUL-98
17921: Changing the printer port in code.  16-JUL-98
17923: TCombobox drop down size.  16-JUL-98
17928: Finding distance between two points.  16-JUL-98
17930: Determining if an object supports a property.  16-JUL-98
17932: Determining if a combobox is in dropped state.  16-JUL-98
17934: How do I plot a line?  16-JUL-98
17936: Moving a control at runtime with the mouse.  16-JUL-98
17938: Debugging CORBA clients and servers  16-JUL-98
17940: Placing a grid in edit mode programatically.  16-JUL-98
17944: Trapping messages in non client area of a form.  16-JUL-98
17946: Creating a PolyPolygon using a point array.  16-JUL-98
17948: Converting a RGB color to a CMYK color  02-APR-99
17952: Metafile fonts and the VCL  16-JUL-98
17954: "APPC MEMORY ALLOCATION ERROR" with Delphi 400  01-APR-99
17956: Connecting to a remote CORBA server  16-JUL-98
17958: Error 'There are no fonts installed'.  16-JUL-98
17960: Can't create local description file  01-APR-99
17962: Making the drop-down list appear faster  16-JUL-98
17964: Why isn't a network install of Delphi 3 supported?  16-JUL-98
17966: Getting the summary function to work  16-JUL-98
17968: Adding sums of fields  16-JUL-98
17970: Is there a TQRDBMemo?  16-JUL-98
17972: Switching between different data sources  16-JUL-98
17974: Improving performance  16-JUL-98
17976: Printing Delphi controls using QuickReports  02-APR-99
17978: Using additional data sets in expressions  16-JUL-98
17980: Stretching memos  16-JUL-98
17982: Setting the caption of the preview window  16-JUL-98
17984: Printing to another printer than the default one  16-JUL-98
17986: Printing calculated text  16-JUL-98
17988: Cannot find A2E table  01-APR-99
17990: A sum(if(...,...,0)) always returns 0  16-JUL-98
17992: Font problems on NT 4.0  16-JUL-98
17994: Printing a footer on only the last page  16-JUL-98
17996: Getting AddPrintable to work  16-JUL-98
17998: No default printer selected when using Quickreports  02-APR-99
18000: The Count function  16-JUL-98
18002: Using a TQRExpr component at run-time  16-JUL-98
18004: Detecting if there's a disk in a drive  16-JUL-98
18006: Converting strings to dates  16-JUL-98
18008: Where is the 40COMUPD file  16-JUL-98
18010: Cannot find 'CO40032.DLL'  01-APR-99
18012: Cannot create local description file  01-APR-99
18014: Object Activation  16-JUL-98
18016: Protection Error, Runtime version  01-APR-99
18018: 'Record not found' or 'End Of File'   01-APR-99
18020: Signal IO error  01-APR-99
18022: SQL open error  02-APR-99
18024: Unknown Field Name  01-APR-99
18026: Finding the RepositoryId of a CORBA Server  16-JUL-98
18028: IDAPI Service Library not Found  01-APR-99
18030: Delphi/400 Crash in Fields Editor  01-APR-99
18032: Preventing changing pages in a page control  16-JUL-98
18034: Crash in lookup field or dblookuplist  01-APR-99
18036: Delphi/400 : Queries against *LIBL  01-APR-99
18038: Composite key with blank field inside   01-APR-99
18040: Opening a file with many indexes is slow  01-APR-99
18042: Only one connection is available via Sna/Server router  01-APR-99
18044: Delphi 3/400: Record blocking doesn't work  01-APR-99
18046: If the last value of key is blank, findKey doesn't find any record  01-APR-99
18048: Client DataSet doesn't work with Delphi3/400  01-APR-99
18050: Update, AppendUpdate Modes for BatchMove don't work  01-APR-99
18052: Low Speed AS/400 with TCP/IP desyncronises  01-APR-99
18054: Delphi 3/400: 2 TQueries on the Same Form  01-APR-99
18056: TQuery with NULL values causes hang  01-APR-99
18058: Delphi 3/400: OnFilterRecord causes hang  01-APR-99
18060: Cancel does not unlock locked record  02-APR-99
18062: Cannot write more than 223 characters in a dataarea  01-APR-99
18064: Not all fields allowed with Decision Cube  01-APR-99
18066: Delphi 3/400: Invalid Parameter with BDE Admin  01-APR-99
18068: Delphi 3/400: Delphi pads out strings with nulls  01-APR-99
18070: Delphi 3/400:4 Digit integers are not SmallInt  01-APR-99
18072: Delphi 3/400: Modifiying Memo fields   01-APR-99
18074: Delph 3/400: Float fields are rounded  01-APR-99
18076: Delphi 3/300:Closing TQuery results in a GPF  01-APR-99
18078: Delphi 3/400:Table list displays only 499 tables  01-APR-99
18080: Delphi 3/400: ApplyUpdates doesn't work  01-APR-99
18082: Getting a cool menu in your app  16-JUL-98
18084: Running 16-bit Delphi on Windows NT4  26-MAY-98
18086: Installing Delphi from a hard drive.  14-MAR-00
18090: Creating Delphi 4 Style Toolbars/Menus  01-SEP-99
18727: Merging the configuration file has failed  13-JUL-99
18737: Oracle 8 and returning the REF CURSOR from a stored procedure  01-SEP-99
18749: Unknown Internal Operating System Error  01-SEP-99
18752: Creating NonMaintained or .NDX indexes on dBASE Tables  01-SEP-99
18758: Registering service applications under NT  01-APR-99
18761: Automating Word 8 (word97)  10-MAR-99
18763: Error: Too many fields in table create  01-SEP-99
18765: Detecting if a mouse has a wheel  02-APR-99
18767: Oracle's Oracle 7.x ODBC drivers, VARCHAR2>255  01-SEP-99
18770: IBM CAE 5 PTF 3 and 4 for DB2 Universal server and client  01-SEP-99
18772: Informix SE, errors while working with Borland Informix SQL Links  01-SEP-99
18774: Microsoft SQL Server "Unexpected EOF from SQL Server"  01-SEP-99
18776: Microsoft SQL Server error 17824 Unable to write to ListenOn connection  01-SEP-99
18778: Sybase DBLIB, Access Violation in KERNEL32.DLL  01-SEP-99
18780: Sybase CTLIB, multiple stored procedure result sets  01-SEP-99
18782: DB2 Win3.1 and Win95/WinNT combined installation.  01-SEP-99
18784: IBM DB2 CLI driver errors SQL0551N and SQL0805N  01-SEP-99
18786: BDE>=4.0, Intersolve ODBC 3.0, TQuery CachedUpdates, TUpdateSql, ApplyUpdates, null/blank string  01-SEP-99
18788: Oracle Integer to BDE or Delphi float, ENABLE INTEGER  01-SEP-99
18789: SQL LINKS>=4.0 BLOB SIZE parameter  01-SEP-99
18798: SQL Explorer reports Oracle 8 database as Oracle 7 database  01-SEP-99
18804: Access Violation when opening BDE Object in DataModule of DLL  01-SEP-99
18806: Sybase/"record has been modified by another user" error with datetime fields  01-SEP-99
18808: Delphi4, Oracle 7.x stored procedures with multiple parameters with one being a REF Cursor  01-SEP-99
18823: Sybase 11.5 server causes problems for SQL Explorer  26-MAR-99
18825: Preventing changing to a page in a page control  01-SEP-99
18827: Installing Delphi 4 From a Network Location  01-SEP-99
18829: Vendor Init when using Oracle 7.2 with Delphi4/BDE5  26-MAR-99
19235: Oracle 8 and writing Data to a LOB (blob/clob) field.  26-MAR-99
19238: Date Field Precision For Borland Database Formats  01-SEP-99
19240: SQL against Access tables with special characters in field names, such as #  26-MAR-99
19242: Vendor INIT error when connecting to DB2 Version 5  26-MAR-99
19244: SQL Error returns error when trying to get TableList for DB2  26-MAR-99
19254: Interbase, cached updates and Blob not found error  26-MAR-99
19255: MS Access and tryingto detect Null blobs using TBlobField.IsNull method  26-MAR-99
19257: Installation error -113  01-SEP-99
19258: Installation error -117  01-SEP-99
19259: Missing DATAPUMP.EXE error when deploying BDE with ISExpress  29-JUL-99
19260: Missing component palette under NT  01-SEP-99
19261: Random access violations in the IDE  01-SEP-99
19262: Installation error "_ins5176" at end of installation  10-MAR-99
19263: Multiple splash screens keep popping up  01-SEP-99
19264: "ICON IMAGE IS NOT VALID" error when installing  01-SEP-99
19271: Blob have limit of 1000000 bytes when connecting via ODBC  26-MAR-99
19272: IDCO400.DLL and IDCO400.CFG not marked as shared DLLs.  01-APR-99
19274: Non-Blob column in table required to perform operation with MSSQL  16-NOV-99
19279: Cannot Load IDAPI Service library when connecting to Access  26-MAR-99
19280: Vendor INIT failed error when connecting via Delphi/400  01-APR-99
19285: How to prevent closing of an undocked ToolBar  10-MAR-99
19288: Error: "BORDBK40.DLL is missing or not registered"   10-MAR-99
19291: Paradox errors when using SQL servers and cached updates  10-MAR-99
19294: '#$(*(#' is not a valid identifier.  10-MAR-99
19296: In Memory Tables use System Language Driver  26-MAR-99
19297: Deleting all records from dBASE table may work differently between 16 bit and 32 bit.  26-MAR-99
19312: AS/400 DataBasename setting in BDE alias.  01-APR-99
19379: The beta version of the NetManage InterNet Controls has expired  01-APR-99
19382: Oracle fields of type MLSLABEL are not supported  26-MAR-99
19384: BatchMove of Time field from Paradox to Oracle results in timestamp in the year 3000.  26-MAR-99
19387: How can I generate an error for SELECT statements that divide by zero?  26-MAR-99
19389: What is a good BDE Alternative?  22-FEB-99
19395: Delphi is not brought to the front when breakpoints are hit in Windows 98  10-MAR-99
19396: GPF in module MACXW4.DRV  10-MAR-99
19414: "Socket subsystem error" during install of InterBase  01-MAR-99
19417: Updating your AS/400 OS release does not effect your Delphi/400 install  01-APR-99
19428: Error: APPC Allocate Error Security Not Valid  01-APR-99
19430: Error: Nested Transactions Not supported  26-MAR-99
19432: DbiOpenTableList does not list Informix views  26-MAR-99
19436: Access CrossTab queries queries  26-MAR-99
19438: Incorrect Application Icon  01-APR-99
19439: Creating a custom TInplaceEdit for TDBGrid  01-APR-99
19440: Delphi 3/400 and Delphi 4/400 installed on the same machine  01-APR-99
19443: Generating auxilary tables for Local SQL  26-MAR-99
19444: Live Queries do not support TO_-Date function  01-APR-99
19447: curNATIVEHNDL, dbNATIVEHNDL, stmtNATIVEHNDL nor supported for Access  26-MAR-99
19452: 0 Dates and Informix  26-MAR-99
19455: Live query against ADT's are not supported  26-MAR-99
19457: Filters are not supported against ADTs.  26-MAR-99
19459: BLOBs and CLOBs not supported in REF child table  26-MAR-99
19461: IN Not supported for Live Queries against SQL Databases  26-MAR-99
19462: Creating Floats in Access Table results in integers being created  26-MAR-99
19464: Fieldtypes that get translated to BCD  26-MAR-99
19465: Default values not imported to Data Dictionary for Access  26-MAR-99
19467: Can't Create Data Dictionaries for ODBC connections to Access and Oracle   26-MAR-99
19469: Oracle 8 RAW fields are limited to 255 bytes  26-MAR-99
19470: Delphi/400 deployment fails if BDE partial install is deployed  01-APR-99
19490: ODBC and DB2 don't do Prepare's  05-OCT-99
19495: Row Level locking not supported in drivers other than Paradox, dBASE and FoxPro  26-MAR-99
19497: DbiGetSysVersion does not report minor releases  26-MAR-99
19504: Special SQL syntax required to INSERT into BLOBs/CLOBs when parameters are>= 4K.  13-JUL-99
19505: Sybase / MSSQL ARITHABORT ON and "Divide by zero occurred." error.  13-JUL-99
19506: Informix Online and ROW LEVEL LOCKING (LOCK MODE ROW)  13-JUL-99
19507: Oracle database link, cursor, ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error  13-JUL-99
19508: Raising MSSQL and Sybase errors with a severity <=10 do not get raised by SQL Links.  26-JUL-99
19557: New Interbase SQL Links support in BDE 5.01 (SQLINT32.DLL v5.01.24)  13-JUL-99
19558: MSSQL SQL Links driver and the LANGDRIVER setting  26-JUL-99
19559: BDE 12550 Invalid configuration parameter error  13-JUL-99
19560: "lock timeout" error, TIMEOUT and MAX QUERY TIME parameters.  13-JUL-99
19561: Oracle user functions, ORA-06553 expression of of wrong type  13-JUL-99
19565: MSSQL 7 SQL Links (v5.01.23) feature support, MS DBLIB (NTWDBLIB.DLL)  13-JUL-99
19566: SQL Explorer left pane cannot be resized.  13-JUL-99
19602: Computer freezes at splash screen when Delphi is started.   30-MAR-00
19603: Computer freezes when Delphi is started under Windows 98  01-APR-99
19614: Safe Mode and VGA mode.  21-JUN-99
19615: Starting in Safe Mode or VGA mode.  21-JUN-99
19616: Delphi 4 running slowly.  21-JUN-99
19618: Error "Can't find PVCS" when installing Delphi Professional.  21-JUN-99
19652: Creating a lookup field in a TDBGrid for Builder  04-AUG-99
19655: SET NOCOUNT ON causes "Couldn't perform the edit because another user changed the record" error  28-JUL-99
19657: FoxPro IDX files  13-JUL-99
19658: How do I get the version information for a file?  21-JUN-99
19660: Access and QuickReports  13-JUL-99
19661: How do I set the Wallpaper on Windows98/2000 when ActiveDesktop is turned on?  21-JUN-99
19662: "Invalid Row ID" when migrating from Oracle 7 to Oracle 8  21-JUN-99
19663: MSACCESS Tables with System Database on a CDROM  13-JUL-99
19664: General SQL error # 2147221164  13-JUL-99
19666: SQL Anywhere and Blobs>32K when RequestLive=False  13-JUL-99
19667: Invalid Field Type when creating ODBC DataSource  13-JUL-99
19669: Oracle 7 faster than Oracle 8  13-JUL-99
19674: Shared Memory Conflict error  13-JUL-99
19676: Unable to resolve records. Table name not found  21-JUN-99
19694: "Invalid field type" database error with MSSQL server 7  28-AUG-00
19698: Oracle wrapped stored procedure and the Oracle SQL Links driver.  13-JUL-99
19699: Database Desktop and the number of displayed digits after the decimal point.  13-JUL-99
19700: Obtaining a list of available BDE language drivers  13-JUL-99
19701: Unrecognized Database Format error when opening Access table  13-JUL-99
19727: $2B05 "Permission denied." MS Terminal Server, application using the Borland Database Engine  13-JUL-99
19729: Maximum number of DBPROCESSES already allocated  13-JUL-99
19731: NT Authentication/Integrated security  13-JUL-99
19741: No such method error on BOA_init()  04-AUG-99
19742: ODBC Connections via Microsoft ODBC Text driver  13-JUL-99
19744: Unable to use IDE tools to access and/or update tables in Informix database  04-AUG-99
19773: External Exception EEFFACE under Winnt 4.0   04-AUG-99
19778: Editing record generates BDE Error 10259 ($2813)  28-JUL-99
19779: Character fields from Access ODBC connection are reported as being double their true size  28-JUL-99
19781: BatchMove from TEXT doesn't create Time or TimeStamp fields.  28-JUL-99
19784: Oracle MSLABEL fields  28-JUL-99
19785: Dates with single digit years operate differently with a leading zero  28-JUL-99
20073: How to avoid "Random" Exceptions being raised when using TJPEGImage or the JPEG unit.  12-NOV-99
20090: System Resource Capacities in Windows 95  17-NOV-99
20100: "Expected type..." error using ADO to access numbers in Oracle Table.  18-NOV-99
20158: Hidden or missing IDE  29-NOV-99
20179: How do I execute a stored procedure with TIBSQL?  30-NOV-99
20180: Garbage added to end of Memo field with ODBC connection  30-NOV-99
20195: "Cannot load an IDAPI service library" error with a message of "SQLORA8.DLL"  01-DEC-99
20234: TeamSource Error(4): Invalid extension, in file '...\\Archives\root.tsdata'  28-MAR-00
20243: Conflict between InteliMouse driver v2.2d and TDBLookupComboBox  03-DEC-99
20330: BDE Administrator not responding.  14-DEC-99
20362: "Could not perform corba dispatch, no interface repository found" error.  16-DEC-99
20386: The integrated debugger and NT  20-DEC-99
20393: Parameters to Access Long Text fields limited to 255 characters  21-DEC-99
20394: Versions of Oracle Supported  21-DEC-99
20395: Versions of DB2 supported by BDE 5.10  21-DEC-99
20420: Parameter "ParamName" Not Found error when using an ADOQuery and Parameters  23-DEC-99
20421: Why are my Data Access components not showing?  23-DEC-99
20433: Interpreting Cryptic Jpeg Error Number's  29-DEC-99
20468: How to enable the cut and copy operations for the TWebBrowser component in Delphi 5.  04-JAN-00
20553: How do I Debug an In-Proc COM Server?  17-JAN-00
20559: General SQL Error when accessing a memo field in MS SQL 6.5.  18-JAN-00
20566: Master/Detail relationships with data-aware controls.   19-JAN-00
20580: How SQL Links determines if an MSSQL table can refreshed.  19-JAN-00
20590: Stored Procedures not working in MS-SQL 7  19-JAN-00
20632: What version of PVCS doesTeamSource™ require?  25-JAN-00
20641: How do I change an ISAPI DLL project to a CGI project, or vice-versa?  26-JAN-00
20644: Loading an ISAPI DLL with Informix results in Error.  27-JAN-00
20646: ISAPI DLL when connecting to Informix gives sql.iem error  27-JAN-00
20659: Delphi 5 trial edition premature expiration  28-JAN-00
20661: "Operation not applicable" when opening ClientDataSet.  28-JAN-00
20689: How do I set the desktop icon color in code, or make the text behind them transparent?  01-FEB-00
20716: Customizing the time/date display of the TDateTimePicker  21-MAR-00
20755: Does the BDE use Client side or server side cursors for MSSQL?  07-FEB-00
20782: How to obtain IDAPI32.LIB and IDAPI.H  09-FEB-00
20791: Versions of the BDE that support MSSQL 7  10-FEB-00
20802: Access Violation when opening any Access Table  11-FEB-00
20903: Missing icons for the office components on the Server tab.  29-FEB-00
21480: Why can’t I connect to an Access database using the BDE and native MSACCESS driver?  28-MAR-00
21484: How do I prevent my application’s main window from showing when my application loads?  29-MAR-00
21516: How to capture the URL and title of the current webpage being viewed.  28-MAR-00
21519: Items disappearing from the Uses tab in the Type Library editor.  28-MAR-00
21543: How do I get a list of CDROM drives on a computer?  29-MAR-00
21548: New Interbase driver configuration parameter COMMIT RETAIN.  29-MAR-00
21549: Code sample to detect if there is a sound device present on a computer.  29-MAR-00
21550: Converting an integer into a binary string  30-MAR-00
21552: RichEdit in a COM server is not being correctly created  29-MAR-00
21553: Getting "unmapped SQL error code 10038" when connecting to MS SQL.  29-MAR-00
21564: Initializing an array or record to null.  30-MAR-00
21573: Why is my system freezing when I start Delphi, just after closing the Just-in-time debugging dialog box?  30-MAR-00
21592: A final prompt, asking user if they really want to exit.  31-MAR-00
21701: Clearing a console window screen  11-APR-00
21703: Oracle 8 problems introduced in BDE 5.1.1.  11-APR-00
21721: Loading Params for some Stored Procs in Oracle Packages causes AV  12-APR-00
21725: Closing and reopening a prepared query with Oracle 8 causes memory leak.  12-APR-00
21726: Logging in with an incorrect login results in different errors with Oracle 7 and 8  12-APR-00
21727: General SQL Error when connecting to MSSQL  12-APR-00
21728: Application Taskbar Button  12-APR-00
21742: TTable.Edit always executes SELECT statement  13-APR-00
21773: Delphi 3 Midas apps not usable with BDE 5.1.1.  19-APR-00
21774: Read only access to FoxPro is recommended.  02-AUG-00
21821: BDE uses small packet sizes  27-APR-00
22086: How to tell if a form has been created (or any object)?  30-MAY-00
22090: Internal Error 2140 with NT Service Application and ADO  30-MAY-00
22100: What version of Delphi 5 does the Code Explorer come with?  31-MAY-00
22101: How to embed Adobe Acrobat into your application.  31-MAY-00
22113: Indices Vs. Keys  31-MAY-00
22114: How to use sets in code, such as adding to TDBGrid.Options, at run time  31-MAY-00
22115: Setting default value for decimal places in the BDE.  31-MAY-00
22213: Non-TThread Threading in Delphi, Access Violation, Invalid Pointer Operation.  09-JUN-00
22269: Delphi 5 on Windows 2000 and Windows ME  20-JUN-00
22390: Auto-Increment fields in InterBase  18-JUL-00
22391: Row-Level Locking in MSSQL 7  18-JUL-00
22506: Delphi 1 no longer available.  21-JUL-00
22584: With an inproc server that uses Sharemem, the caller AV's on exit.  31-JUL-00
22586: Activating the clientdataset closes the query.   31-JUL-00
22597: When Quick Report printer settings are changed during a preview at run time, they will have no affect.  02-AUG-00
22609: Changing Quick Report BandType at runtime.  31-JUL-00
22610: How to assign the Delphi global printer object, to the Quick Reports global printer object.  02-AUG-00
22696: Error: "Type mismatch"  09-AUG-00
22866: How to send a response early in a web application action.  16-AUG-00
22867: How to turn off ISAPI DLL caching on Windows 2000 and IIS5  16-AUG-00
22940: Can you drag and drop existing SQL structures directly onto a form?  24-AUG-00
22985: Error "Unable to write to registry" during Interbase 5.5 install.  29-AUG-00
23006: Passing nil to a variable parameter.  31-AUG-00
23007: How to access more than one table with the QuickRep component.  31-AUG-00
23008: Variable alignment problems in record type.  31-AUG-00
23009: Auto Increment Fields in a ClientDataSet  31-AUG-00
23011: Using the requery method in place of the refresh method.  31-AUG-00
23012: Checking the BDE version progammatically.  31-AUG-00
23175: Finding all files (or files of a certain type) in a given directory  18-SEP-00
25128: Creating a BDE alias programmatically from Delphi  24-JUL-00
25183: Handling the "Capability not supported" error  24-JUL-00
25187: An EDatabase Exception is generated by a Delphi or C++ Builder application  24-JUL-00
25188: Handling BDE Engine Errors  24-JUL-00
25207: Automatically Generating Data to Create Large Tables Using Delphi  24-JUL-00
25213: Handling "General SQL error: violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint . . ." error  24-JUL-00
25223: Converting Data in Paradox Tables to InterBase Using Delphi   24-JUL-00
25238: How to retrieve an InterBase Blob in Delphi using SavetoFile?  24-JUL-00
25249: Calling an IB stored procedure using TStoredProc  24-JUL-00
25276: Vendor Initialization Failed error when trying to start InterBase application  24-JUL-00
25287: SQL Monitor  24-JUL-00
25294: Insufficient memory to complete operation  24-JUL-00
25337: When installing BDE based products they overwrite IB v5 gds32.dll with v4.2.1 dl  24-JUL-00
25360: Setting the BDE DRIVER FLAGS parameter for individual aliases  24-JUL-00
25364: How to insert an InterBase BLOb in Delphi using LoadFromFile?  24-JUL-00
25382: Error installing from InterBase: String variable is not large enough for strin  24-JUL-00
25392: Getting 'Error creating cursor handle' when using TStoredProc  24-JUL-00
25433: Using BLOBs in Stored Procedures through the BDE  24-JUL-00
25435: Can a Delphi Application Connect to an InterBase Database on Any Platform?  24-JUL-00
25493: How to connect to an InterBase database using the BDE API  24-JUL-00
25594: Is it possible to connect to InterBase from a Delphi app without using the BDE?  24-JUL-00
25617: Performance techniques when using BDE and Delphi TTables with InterBase  24-JUL-00
25619: Do I need Local InterBase on the client machines along with my BDE application?  24-JUL-00
25620: An Introduction to the TBatchMove Component in Delphi and C++ Builder  24-JUL-00
25621: How to create an About Box in Delphi or C++ Builder  24-JUL-00
25625: How to Set Up a C++ Builder or Delphi Form to View InterBase Data  24-JUL-00
25636: Using Form Wizard to Quickly Create a Delphi Form  24-JUL-00
25639: Connecting via ODBC using Delphi or C++ Builder  24-JUL-00
25644: What are Delphi and C++ Builder Action Lists and how do I use them?  24-JUL-00
25645: A possible explanation for 'Name not Unique in this context' errors  24-JUL-00
25647: Using Variables & For Loops in Delphi  24-JUL-00
25648: Peep Show Picture Viewer  24-JUL-00
25665: Handling exceptions in Delphi  24-JUL-00
25669: Can I create stored procedures via Delphi or C++ Builder?  24-JUL-00
25670: How to Use Delphi or C++ Builder to Run a Query in a Text file  24-JUL-00
25671: Where are the Delphi 4 InterBase Certificate Keys and IDs located?  24-JUL-00
25679: How to create SQL queries with SQL Builder  24-JUL-00
25682: Delphi Training: Accepting User Input Using An Edit Box  24-JUL-00
25683: Using Control Characters With Delphi  24-JUL-00
25704: InterBase array datatype and the BDE  24-JUL-00
25707: Creating a Worker Thread for Background Processing  24-JUL-00
25745: Why can't I display data in descending order in Delphi?  24-JUL-00
25774: I am getting permission denied errors when I run a Delphi or C++ Builder data-aware application.  24-JUL-00
25807: Purpose of the interbase Client32 files  24-JUL-00
25831: How do I use the InterBase API security functions to add, modify and delete users  24-JUL-00
25849: Displaying 4 digit years in Delphi applications  24-JUL-00
25870: How do I use the InterBase Express (IBX) SQL monitor?  24-JUL-00
25915: BDE Merge Module now available.  25-SEP-00
25954: Where are my components?  29-SEP-00
26068: Resolving DFM corruption issues with CVS.  17-OCT-00
26072: Delphi 5 is unable to start due to problems with a missing export in a .BPL file.  18-OCT-00
26107: Where is the file dsgnintf.pas?  24-OCT-00
26111: Manually uninstalling Delphi  24-OCT-00
26151: Unable to install Delphi 5 after having the Trial edition fully uninstalled  27-OCT-00
26402: How to print an HTML document from inside of your application  08-DEC-00
26407: Dynamically changing the MainForm of an Application when it starts.  11-DEC-00
26408: Help pages are coming up blank in Delphi.  11-DEC-00
26416: How to move a string into a TMemoryStream or TFileStream.  11-DEC-00
26523: Is Turbo Pascal still available?  02-JAN-01
26563: How do I split the editor?  05-JAN-01
26609: BORDBK50.DLL is missing or not registered.  11-JAN-01
26634: What is "Error 113" during installation?  15-JAN-01
26667: Saving your project's breakpoint settings.  19-JAN-01
26668: How to set the default form font in Delphi.  19-JAN-01
26731: How to display the current user name.  29-JAN-01
26735: How to use the Find Error entry under the search heading of the menu bar.  30-JAN-01
26752: How to detect if the current user is logged in administrator.  31-JAN-01
26754: How to detect the computer name.  31-JAN-01
26889: Why does my Application run slowly under Linux?  14-FEB-01
26890: Error -10 while installing  14-FEB-01
26891: What are the Differences in the install paths for Kylix?  14-FEB-01
26937: Why am I getting the error "Operation must use an updateable query"?  21-FEB-01
27022: How do I get a TRichEdit to scroll in code?  06-MAR-01
27031: Error "Application is not licensed to use this feature" when running a Delphi application.  07-MAR-01
27039: Setting a Kylix TListView component's subitem images to nothing  09-MAR-01
27041: TIBLicensingService component not found on Component Pallet.  09-MAR-01
27043: Trying to revoke a drop target that has not been registered with TWebBrowser.  09-MAR-01
27067: Trouble Shooting Errors Received After Adding a Unit to the Uses Section of Your Unit  15-MAR-01
27128: How to custom draw menu items  26-MAR-01
27129: Selecting an item in a TListView when the checkbox is checked  26-MAR-01
27138: How to create Data Link File with Windows 2000  27-MAR-01
27166: Assigning an Oracle BLOB greater than 32K must be done using AsMemo  30-MAR-01
27227: WHERE clause with greater than 256 ANDs or ORs generates size of optimizer block exceeded error  17-APR-01
27255: Finding the column and row of the cursor in a TRichEdit  25-APR-01
27265: Corrupted help files.  27-APR-01
27266: BDE on multiprocessor machines.  27-APR-01
27267: Setting process affinity for your application.  27-APR-01
27298: Finding product information from Borland's website for previous versions of Delphi  08-MAY-01
27308: Does Delphi 5 include Resource Workshop and InstallShield Express?  09-MAY-01
27312: What databases can be used with dbExpress?  10-MAY-01
27321: How to get UpdateMode to work for TQuery on a SQL Server 7.0 table.  15-MAY-01
27329: How to retrieve the position of the cursor.  17-MAY-01
27349: I installed my application with InstallShield and there are files missing.  25-MAY-01
27369: Why won't my server socket reconnect?   31-MAY-01
27370: Why won't the virtual key codes work in my program?  31-MAY-01
27373: VisiBroker applications created with Delphi 5 Enterprise on Windows 2000   31-MAY-01
27375: Can you use the Naming Service with the version of VisiBroker that comes with Delphi 5 Enterprise?   31-MAY-01
27379: Install option is inactive for the Trial Version of Delphi 5  31-MAY-01
27394: Borland Kylix Install Frequently Asked Questions   08-JUN-01
27405: Borland Delphi Presales Frequently Asked Questions  13-JUN-01
27406: What do I do if I am getting missing or corrupted file messages?  13-JUN-01
27407: How do I determine if I have a bad CD?  13-JUN-01
27411: Borland Delphi Install Frequently Asked Questions  13-JUN-01
27428: Error "database unavailable" when connecting to Interbase via IIS.  15-JUN-01
27442: SIGSEGV error when running MySQL on Kylix.  20-JUN-01
27459: What is the message "Generating font matrix" when starting Kylix?  26-JUN-01
27463: My console application generates a Runtime Error when it starts for no apparent reason.  28-JUN-01
27478: What version of TeeChart is supplied with Delphi 6?  05-JUL-01
27486: Where can I obtain the help file for the VtChart component?  06-JUL-01
27506: How to change file attributes programmatically.  10-JUL-01
27511: Insufficient disk space on C: drive while installing Delphi to D: drive.  13-JUL-01
27522: Why is there no "Save" button in the save dialog box?  17-JUL-01
27541: Problem generating font matrix in Kylix.  30-JUL-01
27543: How do I set a custom CVS PServer port?  30-JUL-01
27544: Some links and/or executables are missing after running Kylix install.  30-JUL-01
27545: Error "permission denied" when trying to run Kylix  30-JUL-01
27547: The Buttons are missing or grayed out in Database Desktop.  30-JUL-01
27549: How do I create an executible file using the command line directive in Linux with Kylix?  31-JUL-01
27550: Error message "Failed to create process" when trying to use the Corba Server and Client Application wizards.  31-JUL-01
27551: Getting Fatal Error "File not found: 'OrbPas.dcu'" when using a Corba Object or Corba Data Module in Delphi 6.  31-JUL-01
27553: What can I use in Kylix, as a possible replacement for ShellExecute in Windows?  31-JUL-01
27554: How to create a console application in Kylix.  31-JUL-01
27555: How to change the shape of your forms.  31-JUL-01
27561: How to capture the current cursor icon and draw it.  31-JUL-01
27572: How to stop IIS when you are writing web applications as ISAPI dll's  02-AUG-01
27578: Oracle Stored Procedures Generate Access Violations in ORA805.dll  03-AUG-01
27579: How to use TADOTable Seek procedure.  03-AUG-01
27588: Lost trial key.  06-AUG-01
27593: Error "Unsupported calling convention: REGISTER" in SOAP Application.  06-AUG-01
27594: Does Kylix support ODBC?   06-AUG-01
27595: Does Kylix support Postgres?  06-AUG-01
27600: What is DBGo?  06-AUG-01
27602: Do the ADO components come with the professional version of Delphi 6?  06-AUG-01
27613: I can't find ADO Express for Delphi on shop.borland.com. Where can I buy ADO Express for Delphi 5?  07-AUG-01
27647: What features come with the Delphi 6 free trial?  13-AUG-01
27656: Not enough disk space to install Delphi 6 on Windows 98.  14-AUG-01
27699: Heterogeneous queries with MSSQL 7  27-AUG-01
27702: Why reusing or inheriting from a Remote Data Module is not a good idea.  28-AUG-01
27703: How to find what the user path is for their Environment Variables.  28-AUG-01
27704: How to download a file from the Internet.  28-AUG-01
27706: How to invoke the Windows ShortCut Dialog wizard.  28-AUG-01
27707: How to close your application using the Escape key.  28-AUG-01
27708: Error 10 while installing Kylix  29-AUG-01
27718: How can I make the background color different for alternating lines of text in a TListBox in Delphi?  30-AUG-01
27719: Action Manager Component referenced in Text Editor Tutorial is Missing  31-AUG-01
27726: WebBrowser1.GoBack and WebBrowser1.GoForward creating 'Unspecified error'.  31-AUG-01
27753: How to make sure the function DLLPROC is called when your DLL is unloaded.  11-SEP-01
27757: How to create Interbase stored procedures that return parameters with TIBQuery.  13-SEP-01
27779: Where is proxies.dcu?  19-SEP-01
27780: Missing components in Delphi 6.  19-SEP-01
27784: How can I create an identical binary executable in Delphi?  20-SEP-01
27799: How to convert numbers into roman numerals.  26-SEP-01
27805: How to get the date of the last day in the current month.  27-SEP-01
27827: Making changes to my dBase tables causes McAfee to scan tables.  02-OCT-01
27845: How to debug an Apache Shared Module  09-OCT-01
27846: Problems installing Delphi 6 Professional or Enterprise editions after uninstalling the free personal edition.  09-OCT-01
27890: Working around time zone issues with Web Broker  16-OCT-01
27908: Where is TReport in Delphi 6?  03-FEB-03
27914: Borland license information is either invalid or missing  23-OCT-01
27924: Internal Error 2381, "Directory Does not Exist"  25-OCT-01
27949: Unofficial WebSnap updates and bug fixes  30-OCT-01
27958: Uninstalling Delphi 6 prompts for the CD even after saving the installation information to the hard drive  31-OCT-01
27966: Steps to uninstall and reinstall Delphi 6  31-OCT-01
27980: Problems registering Kylix  01-NOV-01
27987: Error "InstallShield for Windows is unable to start..." when installing Delphi.  06-NOV-01
28032: Missing components in Kylix.  16-NOV-01
28034: Manually unistalling Kylix.  16-NOV-01
28057: How to run executables created in Kylix  29-NOV-01
28061: Getting error -145 when trying to apply the Delphi 6 Update  30-NOV-01
28063: Is Visibroker for C++ 4.5 supported with Delphi 6?  30-NOV-01
28070: How can I avoid expanding a tree node when double-clicking on it?  30-NOV-01
28072: How can I tell if I have downloaded the correct Delphi 6 Update?  30-NOV-01
28084: Installing the EasySoft ODBC driver from InterBase 6 from Delphi 6  04-DEC-01
28118: How to change Kylix directory permissions for all users when installed as root.  13-DEC-01
28176: Cannot access deployed EJB in BES 5.0 with a Delphi Client  30-DEC-01
28178: Possible solutions for IDE Internal Error in Kylix 2.  31-DEC-01
28182: Timeout problems with SOAP services in Delphi 6.  31-DEC-01
28185: How to keep seconds from being included in the display when using TDateTimePicker  31-DEC-01
28186: How can one prevent a TForm from being moved or resized?  02-JAN-02
28187: Delphi 6 on Windows XP  02-JAN-02
28192: Klyix 2 Not Registered  03-JAN-02
28214: How to make the TDateTimePicker display blank.  09-JAN-02
28236: Component properties do not appear in the Translation Manager  14-JAN-02
28270: ISAPI DLL used to work with Delphi 5 but doesn't work in Delphi 6  23-JAN-02
28276: Access violation in dcc60.dll and Internal Error LA33 in Delphi 6.  24-JAN-02
28277: ItemIndex property of TStaticActionList and TVirtualActionList does not represent which item is selected.  24-JAN-02
28298: Loading a TListView component that contains SubItems.  31-JAN-02
28301: How to make your main form fill up the Desk Top space.  31-JAN-02
28321: How to create an example of your problem for Borland Developer Support  31-JAN-02
28322: How to generate steps to reproduce your issue for Borland Developer Support  31-JAN-02
28323: What to have ready before you call Borland Developer Support  31-JAN-02
28327: How to detect the CPU type of the computer the application is running on.  31-JAN-02
28328: Getting the date of a file using Delphi.  31-JAN-02
28329: How does one change the default directory that Delphi uses to save projects?  31-JAN-02
28330: How to clear the document listing found in the Windows Start Menu.  31-JAN-02
28366: Unofficial WebSnap Fixes Page 2  06-FEB-02
28400: Problems using ADO in a WebSnap application.  13-FEB-02
28411: Why can't I run my Kylix application outside of the IDE?  19-FEB-02
28413: Where is the browser pane in the web page editor in Kylix?  19-FEB-02
28414: Where is the web page preview pane in the code editor?  19-FEB-02
28417: Why can't I get breakpoints to work when debugging a COM+ or MTS app in Delphi?  19-FEB-02
28419: Web App Debugger incorrectly formats dates based on the current regional settings  20-FEB-02
28431: Problems with IBExpress when installing the Delphi 6 Update Pack 2  21-FEB-02
28445: Endless Registration Loop when Trying to Register Delphi 6  26-FEB-02
28447: How to disable mouse clicking in a TWebBrowser  26-FEB-02
28451: How can I use a dialog window to have a user select a folder without a file name?  27-FEB-02
28457: How to disable a Menu item with out greying it out.  28-FEB-02
28467: How do you display the current line number of a selected record in a DBGrid?  28-FEB-02
28473: How can I log off the current user from within my application?  28-FEB-02
28475: How to ensure that a path name ends with a trailing path delimiter ('\').  28-FEB-02
28478: How to remove the backslash from the end of a path.  28-FEB-02
28494: Operation Not Supported error when calling TSQLQuery.RecordCount  05-MAR-02
28514: Unofficial SOAP Bug Fixes  15-MAR-02
28520: How do I search backwards in the C++Builder/Delphi editor?  18-MAR-02
28603: Unable to locate PDOXUSRS.NET when using Novell client 4.83  08-APR-02
28605: Project options window and other IDE windows appear too small.  08-APR-02
28615: What causes internal error T2261?  12-APR-02
28616: Getting a result set from an Oracle stored procedure in Delphi or C++Builder.  12-APR-02
28620: Problem with IBClientDataSet component in Delphi 6.  16-APR-02
28662: How to get WebSnap applications to display new lines in a MEMO.  09-MAY-02
28666: Where is 2AllBooks.pdf?  10-MAY-02
28675: Sending an early response in a WebSnap application loses session values.  10-MAY-02
28692: Can't load package dclnet60.bpl  17-MAY-02
28694: Missing database login prompt.  17-MAY-02
28699: Oracle 9i BDE certification.  28-MAY-02
28701: Problems installing / registering free (trial) edition of Kylix on CD.  28-MAY-02
28718: Keep getting error: "Maximum number of DBPROCESSES already allocated".  31-MAY-02
28734: Setting the Just-in time debugger default in Delphi 6.  06-JUN-02
28735: Missing package libpng.so.2 when installing Kylix 2 on Mandrake Linux 8.2.  06-JUN-02
28740: Trial and open editions of Kylix and Delphi do not include all files.  10-JUN-02
28746: Internal error 2349 while installing Delphi.  12-JUN-02
28773: Error "No invokable class registered..." in Midas/Soap app after installing Delphi 6 update pack 2.  17-JUN-02
28798: How to catch a 'Tab Character' key stroke inside your TEdit control.  26-JUN-02
28812: Kylix freezes after clicking the Register Now button.  27-JUN-02
28841: The {Program Name} is linked to the missing export OLEAUT32.DLL:VarNot  01-JUL-02
28849: SQL Explorer Form isn't Displaying Controls Properly  08-JUL-02
28863: Using TTable generates errors when using Filters  12-JUL-02
28878: Access Violation at address ### in module vcl60.bpl or coreide60.bpl when running a project in Delphi  16-JUL-02
28882: IDE Internal Error Solutions  17-JUL-02
28888: Network initialization failed. Lock violation with file pdoxusrs.net.  22-JUL-02
28889: Applying Delphi updates to the evaluation version  23-JUL-02
28890: Removed FastNet while installing the Indy components.  23-JUL-02
28912: MySQL queries yeild only 10 columns.  25-JUL-02
28920: Delphi Generates "Can't Create Delphi32.$$$" Errors when Launching.  26-JUL-02
28927: How to Get the Filename of the Process that is Currently Executing.  30-JUL-02
28944: Runtime error 230 when running Kylix application outside of the IDE.  31-JUL-02
28963: How to Convert a String of Integers into an Array of Byte.  05-AUG-02
28964: Converting Double Types from Little Endian to Big Endian Using Variant Records.  05-AUG-02
28965: ISAPI and CGI Applications get Errors Initializing the BDE.  05-AUG-02
28968: My WebSnap Application Executes the Wrong Action, or Skips the Action All Together.  05-AUG-02
28999: Error "Can't load package dcldbdesign.so.6.9" when starting Kylix 3 for C++.  15-AUG-02
29013: My ActiveX Controls are not Responding to 'Tab' and 'Cursor' Keys.  23-AUG-02
29027: How to Get the Page Name of a WebModule in a WebSnap Application.  28-AUG-02
29033: Kylix 3 freezes when opening or saving a file.  29-AUG-02
29034: Kylix 3 trial — compiler errors state "message catalog not found".  29-AUG-02
29035: Delphi 7 and Visibroker 3.3 support  29-AUG-02
29037: Changing the Desktop wallpaper using Delphi  29-AUG-02
29045: Evaluating Corba using the Delphi 7 Trial  30-AUG-02
29048: Corrupted .pdf files in the Corba EJB demo folder  30-AUG-02
29049: Help files for Idl2Pas in Delphi 7 Enterprise  30-AUG-02
29050: Mystery errors compiling Delphi project.  30-AUG-02
29054: Kylix 3 C++ compiler issue with locales where decimal separator is not a period.  31-AUG-02
29059: Error uninstalling Delphi 6: Error 1926. Could not set file security for file Filename.msi  03-SEP-02
29064: A Better Way to End the Endless Registration Loop when Trying to Register Delphi 6  05-SEP-02
29078: Adding QuickReports to the Delphi 7 Component Palette  10-SEP-02
29082: Where is the Rave PDF File Documentation for Delphi 7?  10-SEP-02
29083: Where is TCorbaConnection in Delphi 7?  11-SEP-02
29091: Problem installing Delphi: Internal Error 2735.  13-SEP-02
29105: Delphi 7 registration wizard is missing text.  18-SEP-02
29142: E2257 in QRvDefine.hpp when compiling TRvProject  29-SEP-02
29143: Cannot register Kylix 3 due to endless registration loop  29-SEP-02
29156: Kylix 3 freezes on start up.  30-SEP-02
29178: Kylix 3 does not install properly on Redhat 8.0  10-OCT-02
29179: Error: "d7reg.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."  11-OCT-02
29200: During installation, Serial Number and Authorization are invalid  18-OCT-02
29212: When attempting to compile, the following error comes up: 'System.pas' not found  23-OCT-02
29226: Cannot create new connection because in manual or distributed transaction mode  30-OCT-02
29229: How can I generate a log file of the Delphi installation process?  30-OCT-02
29230: How to Cut and Paste WebSnap Script from the Web Page Designer into the Code Editor.  30-OCT-02
29231: Converting a Delphi VisiBroker 3.3 app to Delphi 7 VisiBroker 4.5  30-OCT-02
29232: My Kylix application won't run outside the IDE.  30-OCT-02
29239: How to enable .NET Compiler Warnings when using dcc32 compiler  31-OCT-02
29240: "CoInitialize has not been called" when using TXMLDocument  31-OCT-02
29241: Strange access violations when using TXMLDocument at runtime  31-OCT-02
29304: Limit reached for installs using Kylix serial number  25-NOV-02
29306: Kylix 3 encounters declaration syntax errors in TIME.H  26-NOV-02
29313: ModelMaker demo has expired. Please check the ModelMakers tools website for more info.  30-NOV-02
29314: Upgrading from Delphi 7 Enterprise to Delphi 7 Architect  30-NOV-02
29385: Kylix 3 C++ IDE hangs at the splash screen under Mandrake 9.0  23-DEC-02
29390: Kylix 3 registration fails and indicates the Serial Number is for an upgrade version only  23-DEC-02
29395: Whom should we contact to renew our support or maintenance contract with Borland?  26-DEC-02
29396: How to obtain a Serial Number and Authorization key for Delphi 7 Personal Promotion  27-DEC-02
29535: The procedure entry point RtlUnhandledExceptionFilter could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll  15-JAN-03
29540: Adding InterBase Server Manager to the Tools Menu of Delphi or C++ Builder  15-JAN-03
29541: Converting a Delphi VisiBroker 3.3 app to Delphi 7 VisiBroker 4.5  16-JAN-03
29558: Accessing InterBase via dbExpress with Kylix produces error: Unable to load libgds.so  17-JAN-03
29562: Can't find ibx.hlp error  20-JAN-03
29573: Unable to register Delphi 7 Trial  27-JAN-03
29575: Checking to see if the latest RTL Update has been applied to Delphi 6  27-JAN-03
29586: Getting error 1629 when attempting to install InstallShield Express  28-JAN-03
29587: Using a DSO on Apache 2.0.43, created with Kylix 3  28-JAN-03
29588: There is not enough space on c:\ to extract this package  29-JAN-03
29651: Following the directions in the websnap readme for compiling Apache for DSO support doesn't work  31-JAN-03
29707: Exception encountered when installing the Rave BE 5.08 update  04-FEB-03
29754: Procedure entry point cannot be found in Rave50VCLBE70.bpl  06-FEB-03
29755: Why can't I use SaveChartToFile and LoadChartFromFile with my TChart component?  06-FEB-03
29766: Delphi 7 and FastNet Components  11-FEB-03
29768: TServerSocket and TClientSocket are Missing from Delphi 7.  11-FEB-03
29789: Problems running WebSnapSurvey IntraWeb demo with Delphi 7.  24-FEB-03
29790: Migrating from Delphi 4: What happened to the routines FMTBCDToCurr and CurrToFMTBCD?  24-FEB-03
29802: Having trouble changing the path that Delphi 6 is installed to  27-FEB-03
29804: Installing Kylix 3 Open Edition on Mandrake 9  27-FEB-03
29805: Class not registered error in Delphi 7 when dropping any component installed with dclisp70.bpl onto a form  27-FEB-03
29806: Class TReport not found  27-FEB-03
29821: Installation incomplete: Unable to locate ModelMaker  05-MAR-03
29826: Where are the Office '97 components in Delphi 7?  11-MAR-03
29833: Intraweb Context Sensitive Help not working  13-MAR-03
29839: Where can I download the updated Registration Wizard for Delphi 7?  18-MAR-03
29840: CLX components not showing up under the System tab on the component palette  18-MAR-03
29853: Icon Image not valid error  24-MAR-03
29862: Error: "Projects macro in project group file is missing or incorrect"  26-MAR-03
29865: problems using valuetype in idl file: idl2pas: fatal error  26-MAR-03
29866: problems with dbExpress connecting to DB2. Get error: SQL0204N "tablename" is an undefined name. SQLSTATE-42704  26-MAR-03
29872: Cannot install Delphi because a previous version is already installed  28-MAR-03
29900: Installing Delphi in Silent Mode  01-APR-03
29994: 'Drive C: does not exist. Please verify the correct drive was given' when trying to import slip activation file  30-APR-03
29995: Rave 4.5 CE version for Linux doesn't print  30-APR-03
29996: Enabling automatic scrolling in a TTreeview  30-APR-03
29997: Numerous users on one Windows 2000 / NT / XP machine  30-APR-03
30002: Failed to create process error when trying to use the CORBA Server or Client Wizards  30-APR-03
30003: When launching Delphi 7 on a Windows 95 machine you get this error: 'The COREIDE70.bpl is linked to missing export USER32.DLL: TrackMouseEvent'  30-APR-03
30006: Create Interface for SOAP server  30-APR-03
30007: Using the Rave Reporting tool, how do I make a Header repeat on each page?  30-APR-03
30008: How do I insert today's date into my Rave Report?  30-APR-03
30023: Unable to resolve error, 'Table is read only.'  09-MAY-03
30058: On Windows XP you get "Error 1606. Could not access network location \." when installing Delphi  29-MAY-03

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